if you got hit by that botched migration, you can recover by doing the following:

update users set info=jsonb_set('{}', '{id}', to_jsonb(uuid_generate_v4())) where info=null;
update users set last_refreshed_at=null where local=false;

@kaniini how often pleroma refresh users after that last one query ?

@dashie only once when a new activity comes in from them

@kaniini and if my and their are both botched ?
is the mastofe search for a remote toot supposed to correctly refresh the user too ?

@dashie the first query fixed yours, the second query forces a refresh. yes searching for a post will trigger a refresh.

@kaniini ok so href run both, I run both.
I then searched his last toot in mastofe, got a `function nil.banner/0 is undefined`, shrug, toot loaded, replied, exploded on nil.deactivated/0.
and the info field doesn't seems touched again

@dashie can you show me what the user.info is of a broken account in sql
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