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Welcome !

This is an open Mastodon instance, basically.
It's run by the person you see on the right (that's me!) and for now, that's all.
There might be more admins and moderators later if the needs come but alas not yet.
We run Mastodon Glitch Edition.

I hope this instance works okay for you, and that you can find a nice and welcoming community here! Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions or requests, be it about this instance, how to make your own instance, or other things not related to Mastodon.

I am actually the only sysadmin of this instance and I can't work full-time on oldbytes.space so, I will do whatever I can in a reasonable time to make it works the best it can.


This instance has some rules, of course.
First, the usual : no sexism, no racism, no hate speech, no LGBTQphobia, no nazis, no spam, no public unflagged porn, etc...
Then, I also believe it's important to remind you that this server was made and is being run by a queer activist.
This server thrives to be inclusive, and I will ban without much regret.
People are encouraged to use the report function as they see fit, and can be confident that their complaints will be heard and dealt with in some way. I want everyone to feel safe here, and if that doesn't sound like something you like, you should probably find another server.

There's also a pretty important activism aspect of this instance.
If you're a marketer, or a #digital #influencer, this is not the place for you. Not only do I feel you should not feel welcome, I intend to make you feel definitely NOT welcome.
This instance, and this entire social network in my opinion, is dedicated to reclaiming social media, decentralizing, and generally creating better and more engaging communities.
The three categories of people I mentioned earlier are not, in my opinion, working towards this goal, pretty much the opposite, and they are not welcome on this server.
Please report them if you see them.
We also block Nazis, techbros and RMS.


Currently running on Hetzner Cloud hardware.
One CX31-CEPH with Nginx, Mastodon WEB, Mastodon Sidekiq and Minio as a S3 assets manager endpoint, PostgreSQL and Redis.
You can take a look at the Grafana (Telegraf) graphs metrics HERE.
Backups are taken one time per day using the dedicated paid option of Hetzner.


The server is hosted in Falkenstein
The only logs created are the ones from: nginx, mastodon (nodejs, puma web server, sidekiq) and minio (assets).
There is no retention currently in place except the by-default on Debian.