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@xarph update after sleeping 7 hours and then wasting time catching up on the overnight shitposts I figured out how to reverse time and put the host back to "degraded raid but not actively on fire"

Its one of those nights where you replace the failed hard drive on a host that's been beeping for weeks and instead of it rebuilding the entire rest of the computer burns down

It has been [0] days since linkedin invented a new interaction for the sole purpose of sending notifications to me despite having everything but DMs turned off

The world economy consists of people moving numbers from one excel spreadsheet to another.

The tech industry is the same, except it's rsync.

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Reminder that your heroes on social media are in a quantum superposition of living up to, or disappointing, your expectations until events require declaration.

I rebooted a sad host with `echo 1 > /proc/sys/kernel/sysrq && echo b > /proc/sysrq-trigger` and I feel like I’m about to be arrested for malpractice.


There is never a happy reason to read openssh source code

@nextcloud This is nice. But shouldn't it actually, like, tell me what to do or give me an URL for more information? It's not a helpful message.

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I love the guy who, after careful deliberation, gave what is obviously a runaway stderr output process two stars archive.org/details/token_a

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I love (hate) that attempting to post a block of ascii text in confluence without any formatting attempt means it internally wraps it in <ac:plain-text-body> except the contents still have to be escaped with <![CDATA .

Atlassian is the new Oracle in terms of trash software that everyone has to use.

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Someday it will come out that the tzinfo maintainers are racists or something and we will just have to stop using time zones 🙃

Mastodon UI makes me feel like the fedi version of ed balls

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