It works!! My latest public Mastodon post (every ten minutes, for the floppy disk's sanity ;p) is now sector 14 on #SectorDisk!

The first 500 characters are the post text, and the last 10 are a shortened web URL to the post!

Here’s an interesting fact: Tuesday’s Tedium on BBS graphics had some of our best open rates in a while, including a 53 percent (!) open rate among the newsletter’s earliest readers, who subscribed before 2017.


I was looking at the patent for the 6800 microprocessor and it includes a slush maker‽ The microprocessor floor plan diagram shows up in a slushy drink patent. Unbelievably, the patent office swapped diagrams between these two unrelated patents issued on Oct 19, 1976.

Just remembered that time when I was 14 and I called up a BBS in Toronto just because I wanted to see what a RIPterm BBS looked like.

Some examples of RIPscrip-based graphics, of the kind you could find on BBS systems in 1992-1995. (via Archive Team)

After replacing some bad RAM (and upgrading to 4MB in the process) and replacing a faulty floppy drive, the Mac Plus I picked up a couple of weeks ago is working great!

hi cis friends! (if you’re reading this while not being trans, that’s you!!) the dk64 stream is over but you can still replicate the experience!!! here’s how:

1. look at #TransCrowdFund here or on birdsite until you find someone with an active gofundme/ko-fi/paypal/etc. (this part should take about five seconds)
2. open the nearest window and stick your head out
3. shout “TRANS RIGHTS” into the void as you smash that donate button

it’s easy and it feels great to do!

I've been collecting vintage PCs for... 8.5 years now? I just learned tonight that the Parallel Port is bidirectional (well, the original Parallel Port is. Idk about clones.)

This makes it a lot more interesting to me to hack on and create, say, an FPGA accelerator interface.

Desperation-Tinged Gift Ideas: Every year, Tedium looks back and publishes a last-minute gift guide full of odd crap we found from the prior 12 months. Think we’re gonna change gears now?

#longreads #history

The Internet, Through A Filter: As content filters re-enter the digital conversation, a look back at the internet filters of the ‘90s, and the librarian who sold the Supreme Court on them.

#longreads #history

Kicking Out The Jams: The unlikely rise and amicable fall of the world’s funniest alt-rock, DIY band—The Presidents of the United States of America, who only needed five strings.

#longreads #history

REVIEW: The Phone Relief hands-free system helps you go hands-free while making you look like a total goober in the process. #DailyTedium

C. Everett Koop: Perhaps the greatest public health official this country has ever had, and a guy whose namesake website had its own IPO during the dot-com bubble.

At the antique mall last week. Ultraman was not cheap.

Bonus points for having the Science Patrol on the box.

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