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Marcus Mengs posted HTTP dumps from #Instagram mobile app that collects and sends to Meta the following details:

  • SSID and BSSID of all local WiFi networks, including yours
  • BLE beacons
  • Detailed GPS (!) location
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COVID Frustration 

Some of this bile comes from a chat with my mom where she said, "Well, I hope we've learned something from this."

The fuck? We've learned nothing because you're putting into past tense something that is RIGHT HERE.

We've learned that there are those among us who are weak minded, weak willed, and do NOT care about their fellow humans.

They can get fucked.

Me? I have work to do.

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How to choose which booster you get! Evidence points to mixing brands can give a large advantage in antibodies produced, especially switching to Moderna if you had Pfizer or J&J for your original shots.

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Get your booster. They’re not optional. They’ll save your life and the the lives of your loved ones.

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I just want to see my family and my friends from home, can you dumb fuckers just take this LIFE THREATENING, INCREDIBLY VIRULENT DISEASE seriously and put aside your immediate self gratification for a little bit for the sake of the WHOLE FUCKING PLANET?


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i downloaded all 10.000 of those ugly lazy lions nfts and turned them into a mosaic of a person right-clicking

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Seriously, the Chrome team just landed a patch that lets sites block "View Source" _right in the middle_ of the Chrome Dev Summit.


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Children of the Coin is a pretty good name for cryptocurrency dorks

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Well, there it is: Block view-source, block save page, on track to be accepted in to Chrome.


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google antitrust filing thread from 

RT Lock (with permission):

Ok so, I just read through all 173 pages of the unredacted Google antitrust filing and I have to say that either Google is screwed or society is screwed, we'll find out which.

Unordered list of fun things I learned:

- google has a secret deal with facebook called "Jedi Blue" that they knew was so illegal that it has a whole section describing how they'll cover for each other if anyone finds out
- google appears to have a team called gTrade that is wholly dedicated to ad market manipulation
- Google had a plan called "Project NERA" to turn the web into a walled garden they called "Not Owned But Operated". A core component of this was the forced logins to the chrome browser you've probably experienced (surprise!)
- Google is willing to do almost everything to prevent people from circumventing their ad exchanges
- This is what AMP is about
- Google habitually insider trades on their ad exchanges in every way you can think of and every way you can't. Too many ways to list here.
- The exchanges are also rigged so that google wins on bids where they aren't the highest bidder.
- A large amount of people inside google are aware of all of this
- If Google ever tells you some change will increase your ad yield, run. In fact anything they tell you is a lie
- Google has worked with Facebook and Microsoft to discourage them from increasing user privacy, lamenting occasions where they prioritized their reputation over their collective business interest

You can read the full unredacted document for yourself here:

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New #weblite overview post: It's (or rather it will be) a family of specifications for a lighter-weight Web without scripting and focused on being simple enough to implement relatively easily, but still mostly compatible with existing simple sites.

The current plan is for the draft specs to go in
the Weblite Codeberg organization. We should be able to accept contributions without a Codeberg account via email, though it may be more cumbersome than we'd like.

The main hub for conversation is currently the
#Weblite tag on fedi, which isn't really optimal as hashtag searches are sometimes unreliable and don't necessary see everything. We'd like to get a better place to talk for that reason, maybe IRC/XMPP/Matrix, maybe mailing lists, maybe something else.

The specs currently planned for the first round are XMLite, HTMLite (based on XMLite's data model), CSSLite, and a bundle of recommendations for protocol and URI support. Standardizing
HTMX as a user-agent feature for scriptless interactive applications more sophisticated than forms and links has also been floated and seems like a popular idea.

The main people who have actually started work on things are (who's most of the way through writing the first draft of the HTMLite specification as I understand it) and myself (I've sketched XMLite in informal terms and I'm currently admin-ing the Codeberg organization). Please pitch in if you have anything you'd like to contribute, use the #weblite tag so we can see it!

Has anyone made a 3D or VR simulation of an old electronics/game shop where the shelves are populated from modern Steam or GOG libraries? Rendered boxes with the art and description, etc. I have such fond memories.

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The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy was published 42 years ago today.

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If you're a teenager in the US and your parents are refusing to provide consent to get you vaccinated, there's a website that's designed to help you figure out if and how you can get around your parents, as well as what vaccinations you should get if you haven't had any:

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Hi, we’re still in the middle of the deadliest pandemic in a century. Don’t travel. Stay home. Wear a mask. Get vaccinated.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

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Full user access to general purpose computing is not any weirder of a demand than that a calculator should not charge you extra to use primes congruent to 1 mod 4 on Tuesdays.

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