I recently built the campsite and the first character to visit my island was Raymond, a character that a lot of players seems to desperately want in their island, I guess I'm lucky.

I never tried the composite composite output of my Raspberry Pi, so I tested 9front on a CRT TV to see what it would look like. Unsurprisingly, it's not beautiful, but the characters are a bit more readable than they appear on the picture

I'm solving some hashiwokakero puzzles (aka hashi or bridges) this evening to relax, it's one of the first Nikoli logic games I tried (after sudoku) and it's still one of my favourites.

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I avoided to use the built-in tape recorder much as possible in order to not breaking it (I already have two vintage tape recorder that need repair), so I bought a replacement that can read software from a micro SD card (4/4)

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Another thing I like about this computer is that the manual contain a lot of information about the computer, some of them are usually found in service manuals such as circuits diagrams, keyboard matrix, even a assembly listing of the monitor (a small built-in OS, you had to load BASIC from a cassette tape) (3/4)

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The model I bought had one defect, the delete key didn't work because the keyboard PCB was corroded (perhaps someone spilled soda on it), that was annoying because you couldn't correct a mistake, fortunately I managed to repair it by adding a layer of solder where the contact was damaged (2/4)

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The Sharp MZ-700 is the oldest home computer in my collection (released in 1982). I like its look. Despite being only able to display text, there is some good games, demo or artwork with beautiful graphics made from carefully choosing from the predefined characters set (1/4)

I've just signed up for an account on pub400.com, a public IBM i (a.k.a AS/400) learning system, although I have found some operating systems that meet my personal needs, I still like to try some unusual operating systems. Previously, I've learned to use z/OS, Naturally, I wanted to try IBM i next.

Trying out some songs in the island tune editor from Animal Crossing : New Horizon, these are the first notes of Momiji (AGFGAFC), a Japanese children song published in 1911.

One year ago, my father gave me his slide rule, although it's not a computer, I consider it to be part of my old computer collection, it's in very good shape, it has still its leather case, the instructions (in French) and its cursor. I'll try to learn how to use it for fun.

I recently bought several computer books co-written by Brian Kernighan which form my current pile of books to read. So far, I finished UNIX: A History and a Memoir which I enjoyed to read and I am currently reading The Go Programming language.

Hi! I'm Tanukichi, I have a long-time passion for Emulation/Virtualization, retro computing and retro gaming.

I'm also interested in programming, Japanese logic puzzles, traditional tabletop games, trains, cute things and more.

I speak French, English and I'm currently learning Dutch.

I use OpenBSD, Plan 9 and Windows (when I don't have any choices) as an operating system on my computers.

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