Ma bibliothèque manque cruellement de Stephen Hawking. Et de physique quantique en général.

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Pour info, la VOSTFR de "The Internet's Own Boy", consacré à Aaron Swartz, bloquée sur YT, a été déposée ici

Aaron, look!
At last, time are a-changing!
You would have been so delighted...
The world misses you but your legacy is definitely here, alive and kicking.

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Presentation laptop has problems, three engineers on stage trying to fix it.
From the audience: Have you tried turning it off and on again?
Laptop owner: It's not windows it's a mac, you buy a new one.

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"Les Belges sont décidés à simplifier l'orthographe du français"

Je m'attends à voir passer des chars AMX de l'armée française à tout moment

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"Then... he pays /you/ thirty-five dollars a day to tell him to work faster!"

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The Disconnect : la revue littéraire (en anglais) qui ne peut se lire qu'offline \o/

Donc BrewDog a déposé la marque "fanzine" pour tout ce qui touche à la bière. Quelle bande de raclures...

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Toxic Gaming & Online Culture, Suicide

I lost two gamedev colleagues who worked on my games to suicide, and more have gone off the deep end of toxic gaming culture. This video is me trying to deal with these personal tragedies, confront the increasingly negative realities of online spaces, and how we might do better.

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Mastodon is like a city 🏙️

Your instance is your apartment building 🏢

Local is your neighbors 👩‍🏭👨‍🍳👨‍🏫🧓

Global is the whole part of the city you can see from your apartment 🏢🏘️🏚️

Home is the friends in your living room 🛋️

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I had to block some external instances on shared hosting.

Here is why and how that can be reverted:

This was a tricky decision but couldn't think of a better solution.

If you have any suggestions, please do let me know.

@freedomboxfndn hey, isn't it weird that I get a Forbidden to see this page error when trying to see anything but the front page of your site from a VPN connection?

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