I've been Internet Archive’s biggest fan for ages. Today I'm also its newest staff member! I'm thrilled to announce that I am now the Internet Archive's Program Manager for Special Collections.

Apparently my years of building a massive library of documents and interviews about Atari computers for fun taught me how to build special collections at Internet Archive.

While the details haven't been officially announced yet, I can say that the special collection I'll be working on first is a massive digital library of . If you know someone with a trove of ham radio books, magazines, videos, or personal files, no matter how large, IA can digitize it all and make it available to the world.

I'll be also publishing interviews and oral histories of people. Who are the community members whose stories need to be shared?

I earned my Novice license in 1989, back when you had to learn Morse code to get on the air. I quickly upgraded to Technician class (easy for me, as it was just studying and no more Morse code) then -- after several excruciating attempts at the faster 13 words per minute Morse code test -- General class.

After my dad died, I petitioned the FCC to change my call sign to dad's old call sign, K6KJN, in honor of him. He got his Novice license in 1956, when he was 17 years old. He was active on the air for a long time.

I haven't been active in the hobby in the last few years, save occasionally helping on radio comms for the Portland marathon. But I've never stopped paying attention to changes in the tech and hobby of ham radio, mostly by reading ham newsletters and magazines.

I am sooo excited to build this collection as my first assignment for the Internet Archive.

@savetz Was your petition successful? Don't leave us hanging here!

@savetz I run, I've boosted your toot so hopefully we'll get some traction there!

I also edit my local club newsletter, so would you like to send me something to include in the next issue?

@M0YNG yes! But might be better to wait after the official announcement which has more interesting details. For the newsletter, People can email me at

My father has been interested in the hobby since the early 60s (at least) and has a nice collection of old books pertaining the hobby, most English, some German, all located in Germany. What'd be the proposal on such material, assuming the alternative would be to throw most in the trash some time in the coming years?

@dj3ei Internet Archive can pick them up or pay for shipping, (depending on logistics), will scan them then permanently store them.

@dj3ei @dj3ei if you or dad would like to discuss further, please email kay at

@savetz Congratulations! :flan_cheer:

You've come a long way from the beginnings of the Digital Antic Project. :flan_awe:

@savetz congratulations, Kay - fantastic news! Def a win-win-win!

@savetz That is really terrific news, Kay! Congrats and may the Schwartz be with you in your new archiving adventures!

@savetz Congratulations! That's exciting news all round.

@savetz Congrats! Sounds like a dream job!

I've always been curious about the story behind Vince Quaresima, K2NE, who also authored the ms-dos Citadel:K2NE BBS software. (He passed away in 2016.)

@savetz Congratulations! That sounds like a fantastic project. I don't have any particular materials for you, though I know there are people out there with amazing collections of #QST and such. You might get in touch with #ARRL and other national organizations worldwide also.

@savetz Congrats. The Archive does great work. I hope working there is as fulfilling as it seems from the outside.

@savetz Do you have contact info I can share? This person isn't on Fedi but I think they'll be interested.

@savetz Check in with Mike Ritz W7VO who is the ARRL NW Division director. He has done a lot of history work and probably will have some good ideas. Congrats and thanks for your upcoming efforts.

@savetz Two other ideas that popped into mind is asking if they'll send you down to Pacificon in October - could set up shop at covered table on the patio and have people drop by to share ideas, stories, etc.

Finally a couple old-timers who have a lot of history:

Gordon West WB6NOA,
Bob Heil K9EID,
Don Wilbanks AE5DW runs Amateur Radio Newsline and could get a story out about your work when the time comes and also probably get you access to their audio archives.

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