wierd mojo...

about 6 years ago I made a comment on a video about Russian children not being treated right in the US. Adoption problems, etc. my comment was about rule of law.

Today some Russian girl (I think) added to my comment stream and chit chatted with me about love and children should be happy. Adopted children all they need is love. All Russian women are beautiful. They are not after money. They don't mind hard circumstances so long as they get love and friendship. And what the video said it didn't matter cause Russia disallowed adoption by the US.

After I sat back and reflected, I thought :blobthinking:​ , sooo basically if a guy wanted to adopt a kid he would need to marry a Russian o.O? hmmm. Is she is on the prowl?

Anyways, just now I see this ad. Are they getting that sophisticated?? or am I imagining things?

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