Laws that impose limits on behavior reflects a vulnerability on that society.

example: If one society handles alcohol by banning it and another society handles alcohol by moderation or tolerance. The society that bans it is vulnerable while the other one is not.

This phenomenon has real world examples.

Countries that do heavy censorship like China are vulnerable to countries like the US that exercise free speech. Muslim nations that practice being conservative with sexual appeal by banning it are vulnerable to countries that are relatively liberal like the US.

The US is not without vulnerabilities of its own. The US government does not spend public resources to subsidize private ventures where as China does. So basically US corporations find themselves not just competing with Chinese corporations but the state of China as well. The US is failing to compete.

IP law is also a vulnerability. China is more relaxed and therefore its able to acquire intellectual work much easier. The US is relatively strict and therefore vulnerable. It often describes Chinese behavior as foul play and theft.

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