Sagi Abitbul & Guy Haliva vs. Protoculture & Vigel - Stanga vs. Pegasus (Armin van Buuren Mashup)

lol - actually rather good alternative Mario game :bloblul:​ a good follow up to Mario goes bezerk.

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every time someone posts something in the format "no questions at this time" i think of them as this cat :3

A city of 4mil may have a police force 10k. If 3% of the population decide to riot the police is out numbered 12 to 1

one of my neigbors openly admits feeding the raccons, internally I am like why? why! why! but externally I am like ok, really? thats cool.

every time you find him, this is what happens to him. Sooo, let him be

embarrassed as F**k today, I went to return some stuff to the library and I think a little roach fell from a DVD paper cover. The librarian just started shaking stuff up to see if there was more. quite embarrassing. I make heavy effort keeping the parrot cage clean as well as the overall area he is at. But parrots are very high maintenance when it comes to cleanliness. The dog and the clutter doesnt help either. Roaches are very resilient, very hard to combat them. I am not that big of a slob.

Some of these protesters carved themselves into history. They now have a their own wikipedia page.

I think has potential but they need to categorize their stuff, they need to provide a catalog or something. Or some recommended related videos for each video you watch.

stand up
sit down
stand up
sit down
They get a work out in the British parliment 😁​

sooo, documentaries have trailers now and are shown on the big screen.

OCT 5th, 2019
This weekend is special in Hong Kong. It should uncover who lives by their word. If they truely believe what they say. Both sides.

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