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based on my observations on people around me, this guy has been around for a couple of years

if not it, then something like a variation of mono or turbeculosis

If I were an investor, I would invest in sensors. I think there is a good number of years ahead where sensors are going to become important.

Mexican Pastry is good with China this year because its the Chinese year of the pig :fingerguns:

I been putting off getting a new battery for my Nexus 10 tablet but today it died after only 45 min from supposedly a full charge.

I gotta say it has been a faithful tablet and I am grateful that I can switch batteries on it.

hehe - from the days of dial-up - still not bad quality wise.

FLASH-Back 3/15: Shawks Special

Check for gills! This video is incomplete, so grab the other episodes here; Or watch the rest of the episodes here; ...

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Finished stitching together a PDF for a print version of my #vampire #ShortStory ... Used #Inkscape to lay out the print cover and #TheGIMP to erase a fence in the original (CC-0) photo background...Now I'm waiting for KDP to produce the preview.
I'm more than reblogs, I promise! 😅

some will argue that its the more prone to violence the more dangerous. But thats not the whole story.

George W Bush is responsable for over 500,000 wrongful deaths in Iraq. Not even *el chapo* has that deed to his credit.

mandatory identification is a double edge sword. I would love to find out who are the goverment sock puppets and what have they been up to.

it will come down to this: the more capabilities you have the more dangerous your potential. Hence its the people in power everyone should keep their eye on. And having that precedent hardware endorsed is a plus.

1. there was TCP/IP layer
2. then came the TLS/SSL layer
3. next is ID/TRACK layer

your id and tracking information is built right into the fabric of the net. Goverment enforced means well you just cant access anything that doesnt have that layer.

your wife is Korean right?

Austria just went madatory ID. They will probably invest in hardware solutions to their new law

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@qwerty also isn't it kinda what south korea already does? like you gotta provide your real identity for some forums to register and stuff.. pretty sure it's some governmental regulation or something (not living in korea, so i am not sure. if anyone has more info, please don't be shy)

the thought process of some politicians:

1. the internet is the information superhighway

2. a superhighway is just an efficient road system for cars to drive on

3. driving is not a right its a privilige

4. likewise going on the internet should not be a right but only a privilige

so basically in order to go underground you'd have to steal the ID of a smart appliance. Sooo you'd be a refrigirator and your acomplice would be a toaster.

it be unreal if one day the internet goes from the realm of anonymity to the realm to total exposure.

mandatory identity

I wonder if one day a future government would issue a USB identity stick to its citizens and the only way to access the internet would be thru that stick.

now is age verification just for british porn sites or british have to show ID every where in the world. and will Britain censor non compliant websites. I dont think its enforceable.

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Effective July 15, British porn consumers will be required entrust their sexual tastes to private companies' badly secured databases

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