I am curious how would Xi Jinping handle a meeting with Trump inside China if Trump showed up with all his children and grandchildren.

Whats going on? I can only speculate

1st a molecular-biologist gets killed in Greece then a Chinese micro-biologist is under investigation in Canada.



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Protoculture vs. Guy Haliva & Sagi Abitbul - Stanga vs Pegasus (Armin van Buuren Mashup)


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God help the US if one day it must resort to steal IP from China in order to survive.

This guy is pretty good, maybe too good. In that people would easily rely on him without doing research on their own.


more civilized but still tower of babel.
*concientious disagreement*

funny how the guy said:
"Goverment defines whats right and wrong"


Good *educational* movie. Kept me interested. At least the 1st part. Its rather long. The 2nd part was a little meh.

Old-school media knew how to show cultural division. Conflict of character. Don't see it in modern media.

sometimes I think its staged just to get attention, like celebrities "accidentally" having a wardrobe malfunction.

The freeworld ladies and gentlemen
its the freedom to be ourselves
Its what we love :blobcheer:


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