we had the men busting ghosts
we had women busting ghosts
now its the kids busting ghosts

the way Tumblr behaves shows signs that it has a decentralized backend

new word of the day
interdict - to authoritatebly prohibit

had an interesting conversation with a YouTuber this morning. Humanity is destined to diverge not converge. Reproduction is geared to diversify. children are destined to leave the nest and start their own.

sooo, say that the vast majority opts for peacefull coexistence but we have this thing about never agreeing on anything. what about the motto "united we stand, divided we fall". Is humanity doomed

then I recall agent smith from the matrix. humanity shares a trait with viruses. from that angle we are not doomed. so I see our future of humanity scattered thru the universe like insects are scattered thru out the world.

maybe we share a trait with viruses but not all microbes are bad. and humanity would give life to an otherwise dead universe. the same way insects do to earth.

when mug shots of mexican criminals are displayed on the media their eyes are covered with a black square. curious as to why that is. Is it out of respect for their privacy or something?

"me viste la cara"
direct translation
"you saw my face"
actual meaning
"you took me for a fool"

its iteresting

drone and bot technology is good for these scenereos

gun control will be a hot topic next election

the shooting at New Jersey described as hours long. The US is getting a wiff of the violence that goes on the south americas.

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Programing languages are just domesticated math

2nd episode of Rick & Morty was released from hostage
Didn't expect this ending.
Reminds me of a quote from the bible: The beast managed to enter the kindom of heaven but nobody was left so it was a mute point.
Sooo, I didn't expect Rick to be in the shoes of the "beast"

naughty naughty peaches but they are soooo cute 

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cause in this school kids do what they are told! no steping out of line, no lip, no talking back! cause if they do. pow they get it in the head.

my NAS harddrive is making clicking sounds ick!

The Mirmar incident - parent of dead civilian pretty upset wants police to pay

The Pensacola incident - described as a movie but not prepared for further commenting

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