TIL Grace Hopper predicted in 1955.

"There is little doubt that the development of automatic coding will influence the design of computers.... Instructions added only for the convenience of the programmer will be omitted since the computer, rather than the programmer, will write the detailed coding."

@psf this feels more like predicting optimizing compilers

@elomatreb She predicts that once compilers get popular, the design of computer's instructions sets will drift away from what is convenient for a human to write, and towards what is convenient for an automatic tool to generate. That's more or less what happened with CISC vs. RISC throughout the 80s -- to grossly simplify, CISC was friendlier for human assembly language programmers, but RISC processors ran faster and made for a good compilation target -- or at least a compiler could paper over their warts well enough to make them a reasonable choice.

@psf Grace knew what was up. One of the most consistently practical minds of the golden age of computers.

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