Question for Linux musicians: What sysex management program do you use? I don't need the fancy synth-specific patch management features that you'd find in something like Dexed. Just being able to send/receive/load/save sysex messages would be a good start.

sysex workflow note 

Sysex update for those who care: I wound up using Sysexy (see because a Perl script was the easiest thing to get running on the PocketCHIP with its tiny main storage and antiquated Linux distro. This works great for dumping 32-voice banks off the TX802.

For my "patch librarian" needs I use dxconvert ( to break the sysex banks down to individual voices and manage them independently. dxconvert also allows converting from DX7-II back to DX7 patch format if I want, important as the machines are not perfectly compatible.

It feels good having my patches backed up in case something terrible happens to the TX802's internal battery....

@psf I used to use lmms but im not very professional at that kinda thing. Is that what you're looking for?

@luke54237 Specifically looking for a way of handling .syx files. Same idea as what Sysex Librarian does. Upon further searching, I think Sysexy may have been what I was looking for, and Midish can also do it. But I still need to try them out.

@psf I haven't tried these out (as I don't have a lot of stuff that needs sysex), but maybe this one will work for you?

@oleksiy I'm going to give this one a shot. Will report back once I've got it working.

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