So, yesterday I watched Bryan Lunduke's Linux Sucks 2021 thing, and frankly the "report" quality is getting worse by the year.

Initially he would talk about or the audio stack or wifi or other issues that people find sucky in linux. Now? He just rambles incoherently, talking about linux adding a million lines of code yearly? Like...that's a problem? Does he know how many hardware additions happen every day? Nevermind a year!

Next he rambles about how windows and macos changed throughout the years and linux didn't? Seriously? Linux switched a whole task scheduling system and IO blocking system...what does he mean linux doesn't change fundamentally?

I don't's just not educational anymore. It's just an old guy's rant. Like he is comparing linux with atari - seriously now?

Just got my - adding it to the local domain via openldap now...

@malvarma Yes it's worth preserving but it would be great to post them to an FTP or something...

I was trying to catch the Perseides the other night and just sitting there looking at the background stars, realizing many must have planets around them, many with life maybe...maybe with people looking back at their sky and seeing our sun - and it's all so useless because we sit here looking at each other but we can never know if the other is really there. And even if we knew, communication would take at least a few years, even more including roundtrip - there is no way to communicate like that. For all practical purposes, we really *are* alone in the Universe - even though we may be blindly looking at each other every night.

So, if you invent teleportation and you disappear in one place and get an exact copy in another - how do you know that you didn't die when disintegrating? If you ask your copy - it won't know. In any test your copy will behave and will be exactly you from before teleportation. But what happened to the "old" you, the one that disintegrated? Clearly there is an interruption in your life - the teleportation point. Will your conscience continue through the act of teleportation or will the old copy die - will you die - and a copy will replace you but with a new conscience?

@ethicsperoxide Yup, I am tempted to get back to IRC. I also found this weird place:

@ethicsperoxide Yup, this is entirely correct. But you get double damage when you are offered a free product that sells your data behind your back.

@linmob @plasmamobile @ManjaroARM @kde @PINE64 Can you login from LDAP with this? Like...have a LDAP server somewhere in the wifi network and use that for a normal login user...

@SEGFAULT hmm...but my raspberry pi boots with 4GB RAM running ubuntu server

@ubports Hmm...are there any android tablets supporting ubuntu? It would be so nice to replace my linux laptop with a linux tablet.

@ethicsperoxide @willghatch yep, interesting! although showing them outside of the post would help...hashtags twitter style are a mess

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