current wokeness levels are 51%

(51%) ■■■■■□□□□□

Masotodon Glitch has gotten way more snappier than the last time visited.
Love it.

Firefox 82 looks great.
I like how they optimized the window bar at the top.
And the update caused my Firefox revert my themes to the default white one. And when I went over there to get the dark theme back, I found this glowing pink theme, which is apparently inbuilt with Firefox and it's just so beautiful.

What is more easy on my computer?
Opening Microsoft Teams on the browser or the electron app?

After ten minutes of staring at the wall, I shall open the lid and get started again.

It's Sunday, me dudes

Pretty good explanation why wearing masks & keeping distance are a good thing.

Same thing applies to computer/internet security, btw.


Maybe I'll write a wrapper around g++.
I mean, something that would apply just `-Wfatal-errors` all the time just that it'll give me where to focus on right way, other than the error code that spans two screens.
I think that's just what I need now.

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