*When someone asks me what's the fediverse*

"You see, it's like our oceans. We've got the Pacific, Artic, Indian, but all of them are just filled with the same water.
We've got Mastodon, Pleroma, Pixelfed, they all are connected the same way, but contains different sorts of species, different currents, different names at different places.
you don't know where exactly each ocean ends, but everything is filled with the same lovely people, mate"

I like the fact that I'm making computers go beep all across the world just by clicking on a star.

I think I'm one of a subspecies of elephants.

Look, elephants toot, I toot too.

I've heard that they like peanuts.
I love peanuts too!

:bloblul: you have to warn people that it does contain some toxic places beforehand though

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