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One day, I'm going to post my passwords on the chan and start living my life.

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I like Luna Lovegood.
I think I'm a bit like her.

She talks something wise, slowly, in the most unfortunate of times, and grabs everybody's attention.

She also has less facial expressions and gets along with anybody.


I'm Luna Lovegood.

Some of the pictures from Dad's old New York trip, which I've never seen before looks really aesthetic.

I would log in to ProtonMail using tor just to make the cyber police people go nuts.

They've been upping their capabilities and their surveillance because of the 'rise of illegal markets' over the dark web, lately.

*digs up a CD that reads 'New York 2007' on it*


Wow, I didn't know that freezing jeans to make the bad odor go away was a thing.

It's been so long since I burned something to a DVD and this loud buzzing noise makes me feel like I'm a :hacker_h: :hacker_a: :hacker_c: :hacker_c: :hacker_e: :hacker_r: :hacker_m: :hacker_a: :hacker_n:

A sudden revelation of a bad thing from a good person has devastating effects on health.

Like, when I realized that (a-b) whole squared and (b-a) squared was the same thing long ago, my head was like, exploding.

It was like my whole life was a lie.

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It's not much but, it feels great to be part of something revolutionary.


What's that word we use to talk about the idea of writing clean codes?
I mean, with braces, semicolons , proper comments and all...?

I got it right on the tip of my tongue but can't seem to remember it.

Prof: "You should work for at least 4 hours a day and must sleep for 8 hours"

me: :blobwaitwhat:​​ [visible confusion]

After a long time, I caught the pass today.

A chunk of metal moving at 7 KM/s at a height of 408 KMs

Wow, it makes you wonder about what humans are capable of.

What a wonderful world!

Gonna try to catch the International Space Station pass today.

I don't think Newton has seen one before.


GNOME looks gorgeous after the recent update.
The File manager got polished, the lock screen looks nice...

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