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FYI, you only need to delete the cookie from and to get around the the pop which tells you that the number of free trials are are over on The New York Times.

Man, I've got to learn a bit of CSS, as a new assignment due tomorrow just popped up...

:cringe:, definitely.

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So, the national TV has brought back this old TV show, which was apparently the biggest thing of the times, when that was the only TV channel around.

And Dad's talking about how people had crowded up at our's as we were the only one who had TVs.

People crowding up at one guy's to watch TV in 1980s wasn't a rare phenonomena, it seems.

me at age 8: sonic the hedgehog is cool as fuck

me at age 15: sonic the hedgehog is cringe i cant believe i used to like that im glad i like real games now

me at age 20: sonic the hedgehog is cool as fuck

So, that's up.

Couldn't make the embed page of my Github Gist work on my Jekyll Blog, other than that, everthing is fine. I'll make sure that I fix that tomorrow. Or I'll just put the link to it, I don't know.

Maybe I'll look into the next challenge a bit before calling it a day.


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coronavirus and cjunior 

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coronavirus and cjunior 

Spend the whole last night trying to write a script that adds up the opcodes of the binary and rotate the bits to the left 3 times, each time it adds something.

Something always went wrong my rol function.

So, I just wrote it on NASM today morning and made it happen.

Good day!

Hey @dashie,
did you finally get your ham radio license?

Anyway, I recently came across this

How does this work? Is this about ham radios?
The about page was too electronic for me.


give a man a hamburger and you feed him for a day

teach a man to hamburgle and you feed him for a lifetime

I'm solving a very interesting reverse engineering challenge, right now.

This one is amazing.

Most of the binaries use an anti-debug technique. Usually, it's a ptrace command on the same thing. You can patch it up easily or manipulate its return value to get around that one.

Here, this one adds all the opcodes up of each assembly intstruction and compares the sum to a specefic number, a checksum, yes.
If we put a breakpoint in a user mode applications a 0xCC (INT 3) will be placed in the code, hence the calculation will be wrong and will generate a wrong checksum, and the program will crash.

Isn't that ingenious!

You can read about it here:

My math-teaching brother's wish is that 2020 is the year everyone learns that "exponential" doesn't mean "very fast" it means "imperceptibly gradual and then suddenly overwhelming".

Okay, so by 10:20, it was a little cold. Everybody could feel it, there was some cool air goin around.
Mum even considered sleeping in the living room because it was really colder than the previous night.

Then there was mild thunder.

And now, it's raining!

I think it's the first rain of the year!


There's an amazing website about a person exploring the steam tunnels of Virginia Tech, over here.

Really fascinating.


Is it just me or is Gmail saying that it doesn't support my Firefox 74, even though I have turned off my uBlock and Dark Reader?

And they're only giving my their HTML version, which looks nice, by the way. And takes way less memory.

'The entire lifestyle of us Asians are based on sweat.'

I'll write a long thread about how that's true, soon, as we're all on a lovely two week indoor vacation.

Day 5 or something 

Well, I had to use Chrome today, and I just after I opened it, this particular GNOME extension I use, called system monitor, just disappeared.

It has probably got to do something with the chrome-gnome-shell. I remember having problems while setting it up just with Firefox.

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