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From Dashie, with love 

In the bright, windy morning, the website said that the letter was still waiting to get airlifted from France.

But, the tall man in the brown shirt, the postman, appeared at cjunior's just as the Sun peeked above the zenith.

The captivating smell of the plastic cover, presents, filled the air as he placed it on my palm.

"It can't be!"

I opened it slowly, with laser precision, enjoying the essence.

'La Poste, France'- said the seal, marked on the second of March.

Inside was seven cards, photos printed with love, from a place 5000 miles away.

The words were as beautiful as his toots, touching as I thought it would be.

The picture of Seine looked magical and Maât's, the cat's coloured eyes appeared to be shining.

My heart was melting as I skipped through those colored photos.

It's been more than an year since I joined oldbytes, and the vibes I created with people all across the world are just incredible.

Thanks, @dashie

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As it's based on Ubuntu 20.04, I didn't have python2 installed, so I had to get that too. I had did that long ago.

And now when I was getting youtube-dl today, it told me that python wasn't there.

I had to link /usr/bin/python2.7 to /usr/bin/python


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I think I need a hobby or something like that.
I woke up today, after getting plenty of sleep, still feeling less mindful or motivated.
I guess, It's about me not going outside in a really long time, I guess.
I need to do something.

Anyone interested in starting an album "book"-club or similar?

I'm thinking of picking something new from Bandcamp (or other fairly freely accessible platform), having a few weeks to listen to it, read the lyrics etc. Then join together somehow (xmpp or irc room, jitsi meeting) and discuss what we think.


Apart from lovely the jackfruit dumplings Mum had made for pleasure today evening, I feel great after getting my first notable contribution to radareorg accepted merged.

Looking forward for new firsts!

:) hits different than 🙂​
:D hits different than 😃​

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lol lol lol

(live out loud laugh out loud love out loud)

Is there a CLI browser just for git?

So, I'd pass the link as parameter to the tool and it lets me browse the whole repository, I don't know, maybe with a netrw kind of window on the right.

I'm guessing that it's probably has already been invented.

I love the fact that workspaces die as soon as you move windows out of it.

And as almost every keyboard shortcut is with the Super Key, I need some getting used to, to get my workflow up and running.

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I hope someone is already analysing the data from the online classes we had all across the world and comparing to the actual physical classes we had before, drawing graphs about them and all and make a paper out of it, you know, just to make it official

As it took so much time and energy to properly set up Game Boy Development Kit to make some Game Boy games, maybe I should write a small note about it.

After that incident with not being able to properly get into ubuntu-desktop, I've had enough.
As I had the backup, I ditched everything and hopped to Pop_OS


And that's a day.
It's been a really good day.

Made sure that there's no ants inside my keyboard, my submission for the story contest got published and that contribution to radare2 has been approved by the codeowner.


Recently, a Redditor who goes by the name ‘FozzTexx’ demonstrated the latest stable Linux Kernel 5.8.0-rc2+ running from his floppy disk. He successfully booted a tiny kernel on a 30-year-old 32-bit Intel (i486 or 486) CPU.


I don't know how I'm feeling today. I guess, I'm a bit taken aback as I made a very silly spelling mistake in the commit I had yesterday. I kind of felt broken.
Anyway, I guess, I'll focus on the tests and the viva sessions due tomorrow and the day after tomorrow for the time being.

Plus, it's raining silently and it's cold.

‪Fun fact:‬
‪You can’t steal from the rich. You can only reclaim from them.‬

Was watching Kimi No Nawa, as a dear friend reccomended me to.

It's the first anime I've ever seen with the wisdom of age, and I think I love it.

Used a selfie stick that I had got for free long ago to drop a guava from the mezzaine.

current rock n roll levels are 81%

(81%) ■■■■■■■■□□

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