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From Dashie, with love 

In the bright, windy morning, the website said that the letter was still waiting to get airlifted from France.

But, the tall man in the brown shirt, the postman, appeared at cjunior's just as the Sun peeked above the zenith.

The captivating smell of the plastic cover, presents, filled the air as he placed it on my palm.

"It can't be!"

I opened it slowly, with laser precision, enjoying the essence.

'La Poste, France'- said the seal, marked on the second of March.

Inside was seven cards, photos printed with love, from a place 5000 miles away.

The words were as beautiful as his toots, touching as I thought it would be.

The picture of Seine looked magical and Maât's, the cat's coloured eyes appeared to be shining.

My heart was melting as I skipped through those colored photos.

It's been more than an year since I joined oldbytes, and the vibes I created with people all across the world are just incredible.

Thanks, @dashie

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I think it's almost the Winter Soltice now (not sure about which soltice it is) and in the morning, there's sunshine at the place I sit in my home usually.

I have a feeling that my teachers can see our private chats on Microsoft Teams.

My playlist is just :
Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall
Aviici- Nights
Summer of '69

i know that the path of "harry potter demonstrates the failures of liberal ideology" has been well trod but honestly the most blatant example is that there's a whole house in hogwarts which will genuinely 100% turn out to be evil, and yet at no point does anyone ever go "what if we just did not have that house. what if we just got rid of it and didnt teach them the Murder Spells."

like thats the most freeze peach both-sidesy "well theyre warranted to their opinion" thing i can think of


I've been trying to screencast my Pop_OS (Ubuntu) to the Samsung Smart TV (5 Series).

I don't really know what to do, really.
Chrome's Cast option detected the TV on the network, but said 'Source not supported'.
And the in-built browser of the TV can't open a VNC link.

There's this thing called miraclecast, maybe I should try it out, but it looks a bit complex

Man, I need to get gcc on my BSD. I hope I can do that.

me: what's that brr sound? *me, who had forgotten to kill the qemu process*

Not sure whether I'm just wrong or whether there's a bug in objdump.


So, yesterday wasn't so good, with a super hard problemsheet and all. So today, I'm gonna take it easy, and finish up the assignments on DBMS and take it easy.

Learned how to list all devices on a network anad found my Mom's phone still connected to the WiFi :O

Have some friends at my uni's FOSS Club working for Mozilla. I heard someone say that even people with ~15 years of experience, especially in Video Compression (probably some guy from AV1) is being laid.

Kinda sad.

There was a spider of considerable size and ferocity at the top of the living room. I closely tracked his or her path. Now he's on the ceiling. Now I see spiders everywhere, lizards with no tails, cockroaches with RGB color and C++ errors in the shadows.


Finished the semester.

Watching Predator, now.

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Yeah, so was hanging out in the -1 channel, met a couple of guys; good stuff.

The funny thing is that the the limit fluctuates as the number of people sharing the screen changes, man, that's weird. I don't know what's gonna happen on Friday.

There aren't a LOT of stuff to do for Humans, but it's alright.

Just went burned half of my daily data, so had to sign off :D

So, now:
Gitlab and GitHub has their CLI app written in Go


All the tests are over, and I feel like my mind just got a lot clearer. I don't know what to say. It's like I'm healthy again.

GitHub puts a really nice changelog in its app updates and I like it.

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