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I like Luna Lovegood.
I think I'm a bit like her.

She talks something wise, slowly, in the most unfortunate of times, and grabs everybody's attention.

She also has less facial expressions and gets along with anybody.


I'm Luna Lovegood.

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Well, I've got dreams too, you know.

Gotta prioritize.


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One day, I'm going to post my passwords on the chan and start living my life.

If it's snowing at your place, or if it's going to snow, I want to see your pics.

Can't believe that there was a time without search on Mastodon.

It's hard when the cool text on women's t-shirts are written on the chest area, so when I'm try to read them, they get easily offended as they think I'm 'checking it out.'

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Such a fine, sunny, cool day at cjunior's!

Perfect for anything!

And I'm glad that I taking the day for myself.

How are you guys?


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stop calling me a loser. we all lose under capitalism

And the WhatsApp sticker spam is as horrible as the app.

The mail from a local college inviting me and my friends to their super popular, annual science fair-like thing starts with 'Greetings from *name of college' like they are some sort of alien race trying to make peace with us.

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Yo, I've transferred information from a friend though radio waves to my phone, then through sound waves to my ears, through electric impulses to my brain, then onto a piece of paper using graphite and my hands.


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