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One day, I'm going to post my passwords on the chan and start living my life.

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"Turn off that disrespectful junk, damn it!"

"Respect the classics man, It's Hendrix!"

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we can taste fresh blood in our mouths again,
there's no chance of getting enough of it
we've tallied up all our possessions,
we're going under

but we love these dogs, that roll on the lawns here in galesburg
because they seem to know something nobody else knows

it is written in the smiles on their faces
and hangs in their high young voices
we are burning up all of our choices up here where the tall grass grows

up here in galesburg

I need to read one more toot about someone who bought a new phone and how he was feeling good because Twitter isn't there and him not wanting to check Twitter.

One more.


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OH NO! CARMEN SANDIEGO HAS STOLEN YOUR idea for a blockchain startup!

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if i had my dna sequenced and then uploaded that could i open source license myself

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Hey, when you've got a midlife crisis, you've gotta crush that midlife crisis.

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Things movies and games can be counted on to get extremely wrong:
- Genetics
- Behavior of high-voltage electricity
- Orbital mechanics
- Genetics
- Everything involving computers in any way, but particularly hacking, networking, and authentication mechanisms
- Radiation and its effects on living tissue
- Rigidity of materials at large scales
- Sharp blades
- Genetics
- High-intensity sound

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It's like instance admins don't have to CW, at all.

Yes, offense.

Pat a blob.
Double pat a blob.


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Hey @codl

I found a map of France which doesn't have Quimper marked on it.
What do you think I should do with it?

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@officialcjunior @TheGibson As the plumber of a friend told him when he complained about the guy installing bad quality pieces in his house: β€œYou know, today, everything is junk. I try to get good junk, but whether junk or good junk, it’s junk anyway.”

"What's that on your lock screen? Who's it?"

"You'd be familiar with it if you had put on some good international TV shows on telly, la_dy.

And learn English!"

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