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From Dashie, with love 


The view of swaying evergreen trees outside the window, the silence, the warm September air, hackers.

Cybersecurity lab on a Sunday is the just so peaceful.


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have I told you lately 

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Mastodon v. Pleroma is like the West Coast vs East Coast hip hop feud of the 1990s

Lovely Sunday, here.
It's sunny, warm and bright.

I woke up at the time I usually do in weekdays, did laundry and is just chilling right now.

I'm confident that I'll be able to complete all the works due tomorrow.

How are you.

@officialcjunior: Maybe I should get back on writing that journal, after all.
But you don't really do something like that unless you really need to, isn't it...

@officialcjunior: I think this website project made me learn all there is to know about linux's networking commands.

I've been having a very long day, yeah.

"A commonly cited 1999 study in the Journal of Traumatic Stress found that writing about a stressful life experience by hand, as opposed to typing about it, led to higher levels of self-disclosure and translated to greater therapeutic benefits. "

@officialcjunior I mean, does /etc/hosts apply for the requests coming through the hotspot too?

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the Goldeneye, the Goldenear and the Goldenarm

If I host a web page on my localhost, turn on my WiFi Hotspot, and connect my phone to it, will I be able to access the page?

Well, that's what I'm trying to do, but I've messed something up somewhere.


Hey, guys, how has it been going?
I'm just imbibing the good life here at my home and my break is almost coming to an end.

I'm happy.
As I was dying to play out some keys during the last two months, I tried out playing a lot of songs on the piano and it was pure bliss. I also did Instagram some of it and it literally took off.

I also downloaded Coldplay's A Head Full Of Dreams live concert songs and it's really keeping my head full of dreams.

And yeah, gotta read Deathly Hallows as much as possible, before I leave.

Aakash's Muthassi is probably doing something in the kitchen or watching the TV right now.

But that's not what Aakash's Muthassi does all day. She runs the motor, pays the electricity and the internet bill, draws water from the well, fixes the inverter and does all sorts of shady stuff.

Like once, when she joined a chit fund.
I don't think anybody knew about that.
Or about how she managed to pay it up all the time.

And then, when the money got rounded up and returned, she was sure that she wasn't going to give it to anybody.
For years, the balcony was where all the laundry went for drying. Towels, t-shirts and socks of people of all walks of life of the Pattas were like, they were put up on a grand display for all of the neighborhood.

That had to change, for sure.

So, Aakash's Muthassi called up the right guys and got the job done.

And When Neel Was Returned, he was surprised.

"Wow, gosh, how did you do all of this?"

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Imagine mishearing your teacher and thinking it's maslow's hierarchy of bees

Hey guys, the mentor just gave us an Arduino Board and it has a flag somewhere on it.

Any clues on where it's stored?

I tried reading everything from EEPROM, but there's nothing there.

*goes to the Music folder to play Fix You*

mind: No, brotha, you're not there yet, i'll let you know when you are

Your mind telling you to stop doing whatever you're doing and telling you that you can do it the next day by waking up a bit early, is just one big lie.

Good lord, I'm not even a bit tired today.
I think I'll revise some math and browse around the new tech news and stuff, 'cause I have not been doing that lately.

How are you?


Gonna go listening to Numb all evening long.
You can't stop me

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