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I was at the southernmost point of mainland India today.

There is a character limit for a message in Telegram.

inside you are three wolves and also a trenchcoat

Good morning/ Good evening / Goof afternoon, if nobody said that to you today.

Have a great day!

Got a name for a girl?

It's for a story.
It just should sound beautiful.

Toot me everything you've got.

Such a beautiful song from Justin and Ed, don't you think?

What if I ditched everything and studied English?

Totony Dickpill is the greatest mob name ever.

I'm letting him be my next story's supervillain.

You can listen to the tweets of common birds at just by clicking on the bird's image.

It's beautiful.

So, I got followed by a series of travellers on Instagram on a single day.

I'm assuming that they all use the same software.

why do something when you can do something else

People who don't follow back @a_breakin_glass will inherit bad spirits and karmic debts which can be repaid only by living through seventy seven human lives, rebirth after death, like one of them trigonometric functions.

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