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her cuppa coffee⚡️ @officialcjunior@oldbytes.space

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"Turn off that disrespectful junk, damn it!"

"Respect the classics man, It's Hendrix!"

i hate all code written by other people, especially the worst person of them all, Me From The Past

I got so much good photos with insane stories and I don't know which one to post first.

Time for :blobhyperthink:

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2020 is closer than 2010

I always had a feeling that 2020 is going to be in the distant future, with flying cars, trains with electro mag suspension, green unpolluted cities and all.

Are DuckDuckGo's search results getting worse day by day?

tired: being into things before they were cool
wired: being into things that will never be cool
inspired: being into things because you think they're cool

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New layout for notifications, security updates, the usual...

Just got a 553MB update for the phone.
Something's up.

"Brooks was here,

so was Red"

I know, right?


Just pressed Ctrl+Q instead of Ctrl+W on Firefox

mood : :raritydespair:

Yeah, I shouldn't have gave that guy my phone number.

I love these kind of moments..
Grey, silent and slow.

So silent.
That rain's over and it looks like mother nature is taking a deep breath.