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SSH stands fo

S hit I can't access this
S erver, what the
H ell

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Some of you never threw a magical comb behind you as you ran from your adversary and watched the comb turn into a dense thicket and then a towering forest between the two of you and it shows

Was trying so hard, switiching through various tabs with StackOverflow opened to get this GNOME extension installed, for like ten minutes, until I realized that I have Ubuntu 16.04, actually.

Meanwhile, my senior mentor is re-installing Arch with full encrypted hard disk, and he told me look up about some stuff and learn about it.

Everything's so cool.

I don't know what to focus on, right now, haha


All I did was change the network during an apt update.

A block got corrupted, fast forward, my entire file system went read-only.

Reinstalling Ubuntu now.

It's been a really good day.

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the sea is a kind of decentralised social network

We were trying to extract and dump the firmware from an old TP Link Router using a Bus Pirate. We don't know whether we have all the pins wokring fine, but flashrom was saying that the calibration is 'OK'.

Stopping for the day.

I don't know, I guess, back in the days, Facebook or My Space or whatever was a new thing and people started posting about what they wanted to, until a lot of people came over and people started to fake their life.

That's what I see in Instagram lately too, same old stuff.

Why does people don't do that here, maybe because we don't know most of the people we interact with, in real life?

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🎶 'cause you had a bad take...

you're writing stuff down...

you make a bad thread just to turn it arooooound~ 🎶

Well, I just partially fixed it with another plugin.

I got oh-my-fish and z.

So, I can just type z and the name of the directory I wanna go to and it's gonna take you there, wherever you are.


People who use fish shell,

I can't seem to open a new tab on the same directory.

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"How is your website impacting the planet? Estimate your website carbon footprint"

I got my first t-shirt, by the way.

Thank you, Digital Ocean, I guess.

So the thing with sniffing data sent through SPI was that the Bus PIrate has only a 4 byte buffer. And, there's absolutely no chance that you're gonna sniff something that's less than 4 bytes.

So, I got a new firmware which it says has some 'improvements' in it and flashed it.

Gotta see whether it really has new improvements on it.

Good morning.

That was such a beautiful sleep.
I feel so satisfied.
It's gonna be a great day.

Sniffing strings being send between two Arduinos using buspirate : :blobthumbsup:

Why is the keyboard combination to exit GNU screen Ctrl+a+K?
Isn't that a bit complicated?

be neath
the ocean

Octopus' Garden - The Beatles

Is it possible that I'm getting slow internet speeds on my phone at night while on data, because everyone's using it up?

How does it work?

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