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From Dashie, with love 

Called up a cousin grandma.

It's these little acts of kindnesses, isn't it?


So, you input two strings, you change it to integers, then add it, and the sum should be zero.

That's all I know about today's challenge.

I think I've got to look up about C, again.

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best part of the first big snowfall of the year is seeing all the international students dress up in their cute winter streetwear and slip on a patch of ice

Slack app updates without telling us and rains down hell on one's bandwidth.

Gonna deal with reversing a password which is made by transposing pairs of bits.

I don't actually know what's happenning, yet.

Looks like I'm going to learn a lot today.

I'm just gonna associate every bad decision I make today with 'Sunday blues' and be happy about it, as it's gonna be okay, tomorrow.

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hate it when i come back home to my small town after a couple decades to settle some family affairs and i stumble into a mystery that i shouldn't have, and now i'm digging into the past and uncovering dark history that should have stayed hidden

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olden days 

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in open rebellion against the concept of a "workday"

Meanwhile, I'm installing a software which is actually released by the NSA.

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So, I was thinking.

People who are in their 50s now didn't have phones when they where young.
They didn't get calls and other people weren't expecting calls from them.

They were more free, huh?


That you can create a very primitive chat app using Netcat command, just like that.

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Looking across the internet for a way to root it, so many dead XDA forum posts with dead links to vital software and firmware kernels.
Finally located an insecure kernel that let me get root.
All this stuff will die a slow digital death as fileshares get shut down, old forums get wiped, people once active in the pwn scene move on and abandon their sources.

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Sometimes "I got soul but I'm not a soldier" pops into my head and I get very mad at my brain for reminding me of the worst lyric of all time.

The test on Problem Solving got postponed, so I have an extra week to worry about that.

As the test on Problem Solving got postponed. I've got 24 more hours to worry and be anxious about that.

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