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From Dashie, with love 

In the bright, windy morning, the website said that the letter was still waiting to get airlifted from France.

But, the tall man in the brown shirt, the postman, appeared at cjunior's just as the Sun peeked above the zenith.

The captivating smell of the plastic cover, presents, filled the air as he placed it on my palm.

"It can't be!"

I opened it slowly, with laser precision, enjoying the essence.

'La Poste, France'- said the seal, marked on the second of March.

Inside was seven cards, photos printed with love, from a place 5000 miles away.

The words were as beautiful as his toots, touching as I thought it would be.

The picture of Seine looked magical and Maât's, the cat's coloured eyes appeared to be shining.

My heart was melting as I skipped through those colored photos.

It's been more than an year since I joined oldbytes, and the vibes I created with people all across the world are just incredible.

Thanks, @dashie

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What finger does y'all use to C-* on emacs?
Do you pull your hand down for it?

What you are referring to as GNU/Linux is actually three Emacs sessions in a trenchcoat.

When you have too much stuff to do, you end up doing the wrong one, doesn't it

A day after I just thought of GPU based terminals, my screen started randomly flashing and had to wait for an update for it to get fixed.


I'm glad that I'm learning Java Swings in my course, because I'd have never made my mind up to learn them otherwise.

There's enough to read for a day on hackernews each day.
Even the >100 points ones are so good.

I have captured the wasp and released it outside, its reign of terror is over

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arch linux update 

Was kinda skeptical to do the update today, since 5.9.10 came out.

I had an issue with my display randomly blinking, but it seems to have been solved.

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arch linux update 

Oh yeah, had a near death experience with after updating the kernel to 5.9.9.
It automatically booted to the rootfs shell and had to run fsck manually.

Man, I don't really know what kind of shell that is, gotta check it out. :baba:

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I'm honna plan this day out and make the most of it.

I think I should reschedule my evening walk to the morning.

This is so cool, so one of our remote repositories was moved and Gitlab was kind enough to tell me that when I pushed.

When I have extract a .tar file, I always type untar first, realize I was wrong and does the right one next.

firefox plugin that detects which linux distro you're using and if it's arch it tells you "you should know how to do this yourself" instead of showing you search results

One of my friends said that he attends he classes on his phone.

I thought it was a great idea too, because it would coomparatively use less energy and resources if I'm attending it from my laptop, which would force me to use Chrome or the electron app.

I am sometimes very concerned about energy consumption

I checked my height today.
Right where I checked since I was 15 or something.

I don't have much improvement since the last check, there's only like a centimeter in difference.

arch linux update 

I may have already told you guys, but I have got XFCE4, and its file manager GUI is called thunar.

Thunar is so faster than nautilus.

And the feature that I find most useful is that, if you run thunar from a directory, it'd open up in the same directory. I think that's something nautilus didn't do.

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Nobody told me about git stash.
I just learned about it today.

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