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So, there's this annual festival going on in my town. This one is like the Carnival in Brazil where people come together, dance, sing, drink or do whatever they want.

The streets were decorated of course, with special LEDs, flowers and whatever affordable.

Here's a picture I took.

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John Oliver is gonna come back tomorrow.

I'm like that grandma in Titanic saying ''It's been 84 years''.

(Yes, I should've known that grandma's name.)

Good morning!

Feeling so motivated to work hard today.

Let me try to hold on to that good spirit

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Went over to that Zuckerberg's sites after a long time.

Everything's the same.

please don't hit the dance floor

treat it gently

Well, I like the video of Eminem's River.
Especially, the end.

Words in the English language we borrowed from the Incas and their Quechua/runasimi language: puma, condor, guano, gaucho, jerky, potato, quinoa, vicuña, and coca.

#history #amreading #LastDaysoftheInca

This is awesome !!!

You can even search playlists of everything, like podcasts and stuff 😍 So in love

Maybe read another ten pages of Sherlock Holmes.

So, that'll be it for today.
I'm trying to limit my social media/internet usage to focus more on my real life.

I got a lot to catch up on math too.

See y'all later!

Didn't turn my phone on for an entire day.