"I'm tired of clueless vi-haters regurgitating claim vi has two modes, one which beeps and one which destroys input. THOSE ARE THE SAME MODE"

As illustration of how restless a sleeper I am, I just had to re-flatten one of my pillows that are sewn shut in an outer cover by unfolding it in half and rotating it by 90 degrees.

I have no joke, I just like saying rectal candy thermometer.

O'Rourke shouldn't run for president until he's held at least one other public office for a term. Until then, he's still in beto-test.

@mcmoots is that in any way related to "run-out-of-time dilation"?

@mcmoots hear hear. I have a time machine, but it only goes in one direction.

@feilen so there is no poly exclusion principle in this case?


@mcmoots @JordiGH really? I'd figured you'd have played moria versions than that.

Shoveling your car out of a drift in the snow. While it's raining.

You've been teasing us for a week about that icicle. Photo or it didn't happen. :-p

My street is too iced over for me to get out of the driveway. Cars were losing traction on the (gentle) hill at the end of the road and running off the side of the road—if they were lucky, not into each other. I slipped and fell twice.

I know just what you mean. So much stuff I assume I'll look at again in my dotage. Probably not though.

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