As illustration of how restless a sleeper I am, I just had to re-flatten one of my pillows that are sewn shut in an outer cover by unfolding it in half and rotating it by 90 degrees.

I have no joke, I just like saying rectal candy thermometer.

O'Rourke shouldn't run for president until he's held at least one other public office for a term. Until then, he's still in beto-test.

Shoveling your car out of a drift in the snow. While it's raining.

There needs to be a meow-english/english-meow dictionary. This cat is non-stop vocalization since her brother died.

After a morning of routine robot maintenance, I feel like the natural followup for the afternoon should be remote control asteroid prospecting.

Ok it's just cleaning a roomba, but still.

I can't stop giggling at ham chowder, but it is delicious.

If I toot and no one reads it, am I on the internet?

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