@aral The fact that we consider the PinePhone underpowered says a lot about us as a culture, I think.

I know *I* can't do two billion calculations every second :P

Imagine that you were born in the 25th Century as depicted in Star Trek: Picard. You've been raised with those values, and what we have now seems primitive and backwards.

How much does that version of you care about the US constitution? That's how much you should care.

Thrifting find: Corel WordPerfect Suite for DOS CD-ROM, featuring WP6.1. $3.

Somebody just ordered two WME64 modems. Wicked.

Best kit computer?

the one issue i have with musl is that it goes "for documentation, see POSIX" rather than actually writing its own. that is not remotely adequate!

And that's the second Tindie-sold WME64 modem shipped. Buy yours today!

When I found out this book existed, it took me approximately 13.28 seconds to order a copy.

Still waiting on parts to come in before I can put the GAL PLA and SwinSID Micro up on the Tindie shop. But the WME64 is up and waiting for your order!

Today's thing: A quick-and-dirty adapter PCB for the USB Blaster to program the ATF1504 CPLD, including a boost converter to get the +12V needed for VPP, in the case of a chip that's had the write-protect fuse set.

I would like to announce my stupidity.

For the last several days, I have been attempting to talk to the ÆSIR prototype using an FTDI cable.

That's not the stupid part.

The stupid part is, the prototype requires hardware flow control, and I was using a 4-pin FTDI cable.

What most people hear:

"I'm working on my deck this weekend."

What MY people hear:

"I'm working on my DEC this weekend.

Next version of the CPU card, with a proper can clock oscillator instead of a crystal, plus a bootable ROM, and battery-backed realtime clock.

Random gripe: I'm annoyed with multiple websites labeling MP4s as GIFs. It's almost as annoying as people who say "gif" instead of "jif." Those people really enjoy being wrong. :{)

@RL_Dane Pronouncing Gif as Jif is silly, but pronouncing MP4 as GIF is a travesty.

I love how art is now just typing random, surreal shit into a computer and seeing what kind of bullshit comes out. It's so accessible. The mortal remains of Warhol must be convulsing with joy.

Excuse me, I need to go say "Andy Warhol's ecstatic corpse" to an AI.

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