Fried carp is one of, if not *the* most traditional of #Christmas dishes in #Poland.

Which is pretty funny, considering:
a). obviously Christmas is a #Catholic thing;
b). carp for Christmas was introduced and promoted by the #Communist regime as a way of dealing with fish shortages (carp is cheap);
c). this scheme was cooked up (ha!) by a Hilary Minc, a communist minister, who happened to be Jewish.

A proper Catholic Communist Jewish tradition! Gotta love conservatism.

Merry GravMass, people!


@rysiek my gma would make that classic orange fish dish for xmas as a kid. I unserstood it to be polish / lithuanian but I believe it is a Greek dish actually.

@mooog it's called "Greek fish", and as far as I know Greeks have no knowledge of it.

Same with "pierogi ruskie", "Russian" dumplings. Russian cuisine has no such dish.

No clue why we Poles name dishes this way.

@rysiek @mooog *pierogi ruskie* are named after Kievan Rus, not Russia

I am not aware of this dish, and I am pretty confident that most others Greeks know nothing about it as well. On top of that, carp AFAIK is not a sea fish, so, not so easy to find in Greece.

@dimitrisk @mooog "Greek-style fish" is not usually carp (that's a separate dish). But yeah, thanks for confirming! 😃

Oh, the orange fish dish is called this way? Fwiw, the most common orange one here is the sea bream :)

@dimitrisk @mooog well, the fish itself is not orange. It's just covered in a bunch of vegetables (including plenty of carrot) that makes the *dish* look orange. 😸

Sorry, I fail at communicating lately.

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