Whoops. My 60+ hour No Man's Sky permadeath save game ended while I was spun around talking with my SO. Dude figured out the secrets of the universe only to be killed by exposure while I'm yakking away.

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I keep seeing that there's a law in Kansas that you're not allowed to catch fish with your hands. It's usually found on those "Stupid Laws" lists online

But that claim is not entirely correct

There's a resident license required for anyone aged 16 - 74 to fish in Kansas and a permit to fish by hand, specifically "noodling", for all ages

Noodling for catfish is legal in parts of the Kansas river since 2007

I couldn't find a law that actually bans "fishing by hand" that don't involve noodling

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The Internet:
An incredible collection of interconnected networks, which enable near-instantaneous sharing of ideas, making revolutionary waves in society

Also Internet:

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The kind of cranky old craftsman we all strive to be.

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I love this barrel craftsman: "I don’t make barrels to last a few days. I make barrels to past a lifetime... You dont want barrels. What you want are bags."


An interesting measurement to take. Societal water usage difference pre-covid versus now. I will be the first to admit shower frequency is down.

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You’ve been inside too long by when you realise you have a hierarchy of forks and are sad when you are down to the weird one.
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Can we retire "hacks" please?

Most folks have no idea what it is and end up using it for everything implying "technique" or "method" or "ordinary thing expected to be done in the course of using X"

Just came across "woodworking hacks" and it was just about keeping your tools dry and sharp. Uh... just no

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how to be likable and say and do things that make people happy noo this isn't a search engine this is the toot input box on mastodon and the more words i put in it the more unbelievable it becomes that this is a genuine error i'm making and not just an increasingly bizarre framing device for a relatively mundane post noooo

Covid related 

2019 nightmare: in class, forgot clothes

2021 nightmare: in public, forgot mask

I wonder how many cases of covid were caused by nose picking. Could it be the deadliest bad habit of 2020?

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The hero found two levers in the temple, and an old priest.
"What does this lever do?" the hero asked.
"It ends the world," said the priest.
"And the other?"
"It locks the first for a century..."
The hero grabbed a lever.
"...and dispenses a chocolate."
The hero changed his mind.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Can anyone recommend a privacy respecting virtual credit card operator that is operating out of Europe?

I thought I was going to use revolut.com but after reading the privacy policy I was not really impressed.

Just started GMing a cyberpunk red campaign. Its been a blast so far.

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Please, if you have a bot, make it post in unlisted rather than in public. There is so many bots posting in public now that the federated timeline is becoming unusable.
I don’t usually ask that, but can you boost this to spread awareness?

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RT @michaelharriot@twitter.com

That Joe Biden speech was strange.

He didn’t cuss or say anything racist or blame stuff on other people. He didn’t even start a “locked him up!” chant

He was just up there speaking in complete, coherent sentences, not lying, acting like a goddamned adult...

It’s just weird, yo

🐦🔗: twitter.com/michaelharriot/sta

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