so did anyone ever take a chance on a PineNote? and if so, how are you getting on with it?

(boosts welcome)


It's still a very developer-only (alpha-level) device when I looked into it.

The thing is, I'm not sure where the #Pine64 dev community is at these days. It seems they alienated a lot of people with their partnership with #Manjaro.


@millihertz Which, given that Manjaro did approximately *none* of the work with their previous devices, is a really bad sign.

@pixelherodev @millihertz

Aye. And it seems the bootloader on the PinePhone pro is either locked down or custom or in some way hard for other distros to use?

Hard to respect that.

And yet, who else is making open devices? 😓

@grimmware @millihertz @feoh I didnt as I didnt have a need for one. I nearly bought a pinephone but ended up getting a fairphone 4 instead.

@millihertz I never even booted up my PineTab, so I managed to convince myself buying a PineNote might be a waste...

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