the modern world, where 4GB is not enough RAM, is very hard on those of us who still think of 64KB as unfathomably huge

@millihertz It's way more than enough to compile the self-hosted Zig compiler now, which is nice, and sadly unusual/surprising…

@owl good to know... but sad that i know you mean 4GB and not 64KB. i'd love to hear about a compiler for a modern language that could self-host on CP/M!

@millihertz Will be interesting to see how much is needed once non-LLVM backends are done. :)

@millihertz in the 80s I remember coding a fruit machine simulator on an Acorn Electron (with only cassette storage) which used a mix of BASIC and 6502 Assembler and and ended up assembling stubs of machine code into every spare location, splitting bytes into 8 status flags and just about fitting everything in (alas, I've near forgotten how to do half of that which I could easily deal with at age 16)

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