Hat tip to @mathew - I just learned that France had a graeter than 720i broadcast standard in the 1940s!

That's Astounding.

I gotta find some old french gear, I guess.

HD broadcasting in 1948!


The sets were 4:3 of course, but basically they were 4:3 720i black and white.

(in practice it was actually more like 816×736 px vs 720's 960×720, but also it was analog so the minor differences were probably lost anyway.)

The standard was used in to the 80s, but I'm having a really hard time finding any information about it.

If you're french, and you know what this was called in france, please let me know!

@ajroach42 wikipedia's write-up covers the basics (line frequency, bandwidth, etc) - not in any great detail, but given its dearth of external references, there just might not be much out there


@ajroach42 hmm. given that you don't have to worry about colour, i wonder if you could pull some cnlohr-like tricks to get a microcontroller to broadcast a signal to an 819-line set?

@millihertz @ajroach42 There are also more technical details on the French wiki page: fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/819_lign
Basically, it says that the actual picture resolution would actually have been lower than 720p (but still higher than the 625-line SECAM color signal that replaced it). Furthermore, the public French TV archives (ina.fr) doesn't seem to be hi-def at all (or upscaled maybe?).
I guess @fenarinarsa may know a little about this topic?

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