i keep having this nagging thought that there's no point in saying "what if society collapses?" - because *it already has*. we've just not fully noticed yet. it happens slowly, and nothing fails all at once... but it's picking up speed, becoming more visible by the day

two identical screens mounted side by side:

it should be a legal requirement for every new processor to come with a debugger/monitor environment like SID / TED / DEBUG / DDT

two identical screens mounted side by side:

Politics, obscenely wealthy clueless people 

My god I hate these people

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why does so much have to be minimalist on the outside, but an absolute mess on the inside.


fun with ardour

and by "fun with ardour" i mean "the closest thing you can get to an official buildscript for the dependencies for the apparently-canonical way to compile it for windows, which by the way means cross-compiling, is apparently just broken!" (It tries to pull in some dependencies that have link-rotted, including apparently a vulnerable version of `expat`)

I think maybe they just really don't want people building their own Windows binaries. Cause, yknow, then those people wouldn't have donated to the project!!

PSA, for e.g. anyone who might be helped by it but has financial barriers to actually paying them for stuff, github.com/zetaoyang/ardour-bu is apparently a thing. I'm just trying to build it on my own machine because I'm too stubborn for my own good.

"The Flat Earth Society has members all around the globe!"

which text editor keystroke set do you Just Know?

How much of your anxiety comes from an overactive nervous system and how much of it comes from an intrinsically stressful environment?

If you're neurodivergent then it could be much more of the latter than we're being told.

Never underestimate the degree to which the normative experience - neurological, ableist, gendered, racial, sexual, privileged etc. - is coddled by society at large.

Covid, collapse, transgender, spicy take 

The more I read about what it's like to try and get Healthcare during a medical system collapse, the more it sounds like how it's felt to try and get medical care as a trans person this entire past half-decade.

Needless, interminable waiting?

Difficulty getting the tests you need?

Prescriptions hard to get, or given with odd moralistic strings attached?

A lack of compassion as a baseline, verging on hostility if you're too much trouble?

Having to be 100% up on what you need, with the spoons to self-monitor?

Feeling utterly on your own?

Gaslit by the country's leadership that things aren't as bad as you can see they are?

Blamed and treated with hatred by other patients who see you as expensive competition?

Subject to painful and dangerous mistakes of negligence?

Having to seriously weigh whether pursuing medical care for one issue will leave other issues you have worse off?

This is what I've experienced for five years, as a trans person, especially one with a separate chronic illness. It's how it has always been, for millions of minorities.

Now it's hitting the mainstream.

Wish I knew what else to say.

I'm curious, how many of you all would consider yourself / identify as neurodivergent vs. neurotypical?

Context: en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neurod

At 97% of the way to the TinyNES being funded! Only 3% left!!! The open hardware NES dream is NEARLY ALIVE! crowdsupply.com/tall-dog-elect

Were you waiting to order to see if it would happen? Now YOU can MAKE it happen by being one of the next few orders!

The poll to end all polls.

(also, @millihertz will be follow-unlocked for the next few days, in order to reduce friction)

oh wow. i didn't realise that forwarding your account deleted all your followers, as well as transferring them to the destination account


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