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@1HommeAzerty :
The #Python program on the left generates the picture on the right.

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TrekWar! has been released for the Commodore PET

TrekWar is "a Star Trek action game for the Commodore PET. Shoot those pesky Klingon ships, and gather dilithium crystals to drop them at their storage facilities .. all while making sure you don't run out of energy or have your shields breached."

This game includes some PETSCII animation effects and sound.

#StarTrek #CommodorePET

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You enter a drafty, blueish room. There is a DRESSER in the corner. You see a BOTTLE OF SODA here, on the door. There is a SYSADMIN here, sleeping.


A funny memory though was the emergency volunteering activity, where I set up in the back yard of a convalescent care home with a portable radio, and sent radiograms off a paper template, word-by-word, between myself and various local hospital leadership folks. Unfortunately we lost 9 fictional people to radiation leak after a fictional earthquake, but at least the messages got across OK.

Still, a lot of people who aren't into ham radio tend to have a set of "reasons" which I totally understand. I had plenty of reasons myself until I studied my own psychology enough to realize I was pretty much a stubborn idiot when it came to new-to-me hobby groups like this, stereotypes, and my precious membership in stuff. lol. But still, I think maybe it's just for some people and not others. Plus, sibling-hobbies like SWL, FM-DX, MW-DX, TV-DX, GMRS, and even home wi-fi experiments are also really fun.

During the last fiber cut in my area, I was out on a walk with the ham radio and had it on the WIN System channel, which is part of an international radio repeater interlink. Some students approached and asked me if I had "comms" which I thought was pretty funny, like we were in this post-apocalypse movie or something. I asked, "do you have a message to pass to someone local, or overseas?" They thought it was pretty cool that this was possible through a handheld radio that was using an independent amateur network. I once heard a conversation between someone in Ireland and another person in Hawaii on this system.

BTW if you are interested in to even the tiniest degree, keep in mind you can get one just to listen to, usually for under $50 to $100 USD, and no license is required for this (at least in USA and IIRC the Commonwealth nations as well). Why do this? 1) When fiber or other internet/data utility cuts happen it becomes instant & easy psychological support for you and your family. 2) It's fun to get to know what's happening on the frequencies around you--these devices are usually also reasonably good scanners. 3) To learn about radio theory if you're a geek--it's a deep and amazing topic for real 4) Most of these devices also allow you to dial in satellite and ISS frequencies as well, so you can listen and even download commemorative digital postcards during ISS overpasses, by holding radio up to your phone.

Feeling nostalgic for a nice long solo hike with a zipper bag of tart candies, a , a retro clip-on mp3 player with wired headphones, and maybe a camera for fun. Ham radio repeaters in my area are pretty quiet during the day, so calling out to friends and getting some time on the air is good practice for when the systems absolutely light up during wildfire season.

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Rocky Linux 8.6 has been released! 🚀

Please see our announcement at for more details.

Come celebrate the release with us on! 🎉

Religion opinions involving dehydration 

Remembering the time my friend, a doctor, volunteered to go along for a church pioneering tradition in which kids donned authentic 1800s apparel and slogged through Arizona summer heat to recreate historical events. He had 11 people in that group on IV fluids by the end of the first day, partly because "gestures at entire silly idea" but also because there was no water to go around! Seriously there were so many times like this. Depending on how you felt, it was either god's punishment, or a test of your faith, or a blessing in disguise because (reasons). Ugh

One upside though, my wife and kids periodically ask me to perform the oratory of an 1800s upstate NY bible preacher, in Japanese. Saying "kami wa gojishin wo motomeru mono ni mukuite kudasaru kara de arimasu" as fast as possible is one of my favorite tongue twisters.

As part of my own participation under Heaven's Banner, I developed as many personality profiles of leaders as I could, using something like 30+ personality models. My jaw dropped to the floor as I wrapped up that little project. It would take a long time to explain but yeah, I realized how easy it is to hallucinate someone else, to believe them to be what we want to think they are. Any tool that helps one to be more objective about relationships can be extremely valuable.

The most hilarious part of Under the Banner of Heaven for me is, basically I lived with a near-exact clone of the Andrew Garfield character, as a missionary, for some months while in Japan. I'm no longer part of that uh, whole scene, (was a high priest & stake presidency member, lmao) but it amuses me to no end to see him in the role. A really good fit. The issues are spot on & it is a very squirmy show for believers like I was, I'm sure.

I've been idly thinking about legal name changes lately, like which name would you pick? So today I realize, Bruce Boxleitner has a really fun ring to it...and what, am I going to run into him while renewing my driver's license? I don't think so. Maybe all these awesome actor names are fair game for us nobodies. A mildly weird homage at worst!

Rewatching "Tootsie" while I work. Trying to stay caught up with Outer Range which I gotta admit has been lovely. Also watching Banner of Heaven w/ the Mrs. since we were both born Banner people ahem

New discovery here: Pixelitor, a cross-platform, Java-based graphics editor with drawing, text tools, layers, unlimited undo, and more than 80 filters. It doesn't run w/ my Ubuntu 20.04 Java (I have 11.0.15) but there's probably a workaround.

Between discovering and the new 1.2 release, I'm pretty pumped for my idle graphics doodling hobby this week 🤗

My mouth is hanging open to see the new features. Multi-page, batch export, new gradient editor & color palette options? New Layers & objects combo dialog? Tiling path effect? Was Santa Claus in charge of this release or what?! I had to watch the video at 0.75x speed just to let my overloaded brain catch up...

peeps, anybody have this issue with where a Youtube video will periodically lock up, causing the mouse cursor to flutter, quickly freezing all of Chrome? I usually alt-tab, kill Chrome and restart it. Happens on various different systems with different graphics drivers / chipsets.

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