I think I hit my first big weird spot with and its UI. These menus don't scroll under your cursor when they get too long. So how do you work with that? I end up detaching the menu and moving the rest of it off-screen just to click on a menu item. Kinda strange.

Playing with Squeak and Smalltalk today, pretty fun for all kinds of mischief. Getting it running was very easy and docs are great. Gotta give props to whoever did those paint icons though, pretty unexpected and nice to look at. There was a Windows 3.1 painting app with icons like this, wish I could remember the name.

Was closing tabs and noticed that my kernel install tutorial was found by searching "Ubuntu 5.17 Kendall". Not a bad search world we live in, at least in ways like that.

Damn, did I make that Seed7 image semi-transparent? PNGs sometimes man.

Took a risk this a.m. and apt-bro'd my way up to 5.17 kernel because it has better support for my lately-troublesome AMD parts. Laptop seems cooler, internet is faster, I feel luckier and my clothing fits better. So far so good.

OOh, found my old Superman music video with the Mordi demoscene-style soundtrack. I got comments from Norwegians on that video, because Mordi means "your mom" in Norwegian or something like that. It was one of my first tests of for , back in 2009. youtube.com/watch?v=e_JkvPxap9

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this may be the longest living mmo that is still actually alive

1996, damn furries

And here's the link to fgallery, a tool to help you chuck a folder full of your photos up on the web quickly. I like that it accepts .txt files for metadata and offers lots of little customizations. thregr.org/~wavexx/software/fg

Just posted: Added a local photo gallery of where I live. I used fgallery for , a neat little application. friendlyskies.net/about-marc/a

Cool project: Logo meets Minecraft? Enu lets you build and explore worlds using a familiar block-building interface and a Logo inspired API. github.com/dsrw/enu

Fascinated to see there is a Stunt Island Central channel on YouTube. It would be cool if someday there was a YouTube Central channel inside of Stunt Island 2030, which will completely eclipse YouTube. There will then be a tutorial showing you how to create olde-fashioned YouTubes. youtu.be/HY6zsa_Ypo8

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Can't decide if Nim's thing with indentation is probably kind of a minor accuracy issue that puts me off for a day and then somehow never bugs me again, or if that aspect will change in the core (there's a GH discussion), or if it's some kind of psychology of authorship thing that shows up elsewhere too, and makes me fundamentally ill-suited for this language at present.

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