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Good Morning, Everyone!

Today's retro pick is the "PET 64" also known as "Educator 64-1" or "CBM 64".

It's basically a Commodore 64 in a PET case.

Rumor has it that the NY state education department demanded a more heavy, solid case for the educational Commodore 64s used in schools as these seemed to "disappear" due to their compact size and light weight. Also, by recycling PET cases, Commodore could present an educational version of the C64 at almost neutral cost.

The Kernal has been modified to display a monochrome, black and white screen as well as displaying all sprites in the color black. This can temporarily be undone by using the following Poke:


Otherwise the mainboard used is an ASSY 326298, Revision A

Later models of this system used a color monitor but production ceased in spring 1983.

I've been doing a journal of my Elden Ring playthrough. Not going to post all the previous pages (they're all on twitter), but will start posting the new pages here as I complete them. Here are the latest two pages.

In my Elden Ring journal I've only just beaten the first boss, and got to the entrance to the first dungeon, but I was treated to the most spectacular view in the game so far.

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Another couple of pages of progress in the Elden Ring journal. They seem to be getting a bit text heavy, which nobody wants.

A classic Miyazaki trick played here, so spoiler warning, etc.

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I suppose I'd better post something now there are other people around. Thinking this will be the geeky space Twitter once was.

Current Projects;
About 10 Spectrum games (mostly ports of early 80's arcade machines in a retro style)
A port of a famous Speccy game to the GB
A couple of Next games.
A ZX81 game (maybe)

#hamradio, #amsat and #TinyGS
Get new HF antenna up
Bunch of TinyGS experiments
New AmSat pi with 3x Quadrifilar Helix Antennas
Improved ADS ground station.
Learn CW

Well well. I don’t understand how it can not only still works but there is still very usable ink in the ribbon! These things were built like tanks!

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@Spoonboy The IBM lives again so as promised here's what it looks like running. Regular CGA on the left, composite CGA on the right. I'm not going to say the graphics look great but they do the job and animate smoothly. They were all done with vectors, Another World style. Amazing how much could be packed onto a single 360K disk that way.

I got hold of an IBM 5150 recently (with help from a friend in the USA). Of course I use it for a couple of days and the PSU goes pop so I've been getting it fixed this evening. Electronics aren't exactly my thing so here's my low skill solution - rip out the PSU innards, stick a modern PSU inside the old PSU case, add an ATX-AT cable, solder a bit of old speaker wire from it to the flippy switch. Job done!. Unless you opened up the PSU you'd never know except I'm missing out on the fan noise.

Hello Mastodon! Let's start as I mean to go on by posting about a random DOS game. No idea where this service got the name from but it probably wasn't from Lane Mastodon vs. The Blubbermen, a 1988 Infocom release. These "Infocomics" were their other type of interactive fiction being a branching comic book. It's good silly fun, ahead of it's time for the idea, behind it's time for the tech with the Infocomics being possibly the last commercial games to only offer composite CGA graphics.

Marty power board is out, and instant rotting fish smell, some caps are definitely leaking here #retrogaming #retrocomputing #xp

So I got the #leaked build of #DukeNukemForever running on an of-the-time #retrogaming PC, a pentium III with a Voodoo 3 running Windows 2k.

I can't fucking believe they scrapped all of this and started over. This feels like 70%-80% complete. And way better than the Duke Nukem Forever we actually got.

Next up -- seeing if it'll run on a #SteamDeck

Sprite commands are coming to #XCBASIC ! (original from @xc_basic birdsite)

The 64 OS project is an amazing body of work - check it out!🤓👍🏾👍🏾
RT @gregnacu
Some swag for the upcoming C64 OS release.

Hey, you wanna see an ugly-ass shell script to munge Flickr JSON data into Flickr-exported image EXIF tags?

for jsonfn in ./lmorchard-2022-flickr-backup-metadata/photo_*.json; do
photonum=$(echo $jsonfn | cut -d_ -f2 | cut -d. -f1);
photofn=$(ls -1 ./lmorchard-2022-flickr-backup-orig/*${photonum}* | head -1);
exiftool -m \
-o lmorchard-2022-flickr-backup-tagged \
-tagsfromfile $jsonfn \
"-DateTimeDigitized<Date_imported" "-DateTimeOriginal<Date_taken" "-ImageDescription<Description" "-DocumentName<Name" \
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So I posted this some time ago on birdsite so some of you may already know this one. It's a short animation showing an ASCII shooter game I'm working on on my using Hi-Tech C.

Serial terminal connection to the RC2014 is slowing down things, which is the reason I built the RC2014 Propeller Graphics Card. Getting into the basics right now, you know: tiles, sprites, tilemaps etc.

Today I found this. A useful tool for all z80 lovers than want to have a deep understanding of the z80 timings:

Today's picture is my Atari 800XL, fresh out of the shipping box when I acquired it around 2015. I bought this from a collector/ restorer/dealer and it was in great shape. Included an original power supply but aftermarket video lead. I've since replaced the psu with a modern wall-wart, added an Ultimate Atari Video mod, an Ultimate 1MB, and stereo POKEY (back when you could buy spare POKEYs for $15)

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