While digging through newspaper archives earlier, I came across an item from 1985 about Jack Tramiel deciding to run a full-page ad touting the Atari ST...in Macworld.

So I looked up the ad. And oh, is it glorious. #retrocomputing #atari

My friend was explaining to me how much easier life is with home automation, giving me a full rundown of a complex server setup that allows him to turn the lights on and off with his phone with about 90% success. Also told me about things he does to maintain the system.

Meanwhile I am using a light switch.

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ATTENTION: videogame programmers & technical artists of twitter!

The best (i.e. most accessible, lowest assumed maths knowledge, easiest to digest, & almost certainly funniest) book on 3D maths for games is now free.

Cannot recommend it highly enough!

I have now successfully escaped my Turing tarpit.

Last week I made a small instruction set and memory map. This week I got a running on it. It took about 1 KB.

I did this because I wanted to make a teaching tool like but without the x86 dependency.

It is currently very ugly, so now I'll be cleaning it up. I also will make some changes to the instruction set because it has some design flaws. But it works! That's satisfying.

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You may want to watch some of Hijalfi's videos on hacking the Dana and getting into that 68000.

@vkc I wrote a blog post a few weeks back about "The WELL," arguably the first online social network. The WELL's director appeared on "Chronicles" with an assistant DA from Oakland at a time when the government was just starting to think about how to regulate online spaces. It's an interesting time capsule if nothing else.


@notawizard for my XLR mic I got the Behringer UMC202HD which is a XLR to USB amp. Then everythings just coming into the computer.

I think your stuff sounds fine though to be honest (haven't noticed any noise at all).

@mos_8502 struggling to bend my head around the effect this would have on panning. Would you split the middle channels left/both/right, or is it all 3 to both?

Right, so here's the Spectrum 48k loading from cassette...

I took the TAP file from a build of my #teletext code and an early rail departure boards, and converted it to a wav file.

That wav file was then recorded onto a cassette which is then used to play into the 48k.

Surprisingly it all worked first time.

Now all I need to do is get an Interface 1 working on this one & complete the code (time depending) along with the 128k +2A/+3 which have different serial connections. #sinclair #spectrum

There’s normal wear and tear on the devices, some discolouration. It was plainly a well used machine. The keyboard is missing one key and there are some light scuffs and scratches on the Cube, but none of the giant cracks that some have. The speakers are discoloured and the foam has disintegrated. But more importantly, she works … #xp #retrocomputing

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Courier moaning 

@jonn_blanchard ha ha, that's impressively wrong, even for DHL. Is "Specsavers man" a new Marvel character? Can't keep up.

(When I saw the CW I thought this was going to be a critique of the font).

I too can happily recommend all of these fine people for #retrocomputing fun.

@notawizard @dddaaannn @josipretrobits
@mos_8502 @Wintermute_BBS

There are lots more but follow these and you'll find the others 😀

#followfriday #ff #retrodon (I'm not giving up on retrodon)

@notawizard can relate ha ha. I've found my way to a fairly good setup with a Samson Q2U with a cheap amp, so can turn down the sensitivity and then boost gain. Ends up with a very clean signal...

...until a bird starts fucking around on my roof and then all bets are off.

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