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@1HommeAzerty :
The #Python program on the left generates the picture on the right.

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This type shit is why I just do my little retro thing. Modern tech sucks.

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From the makers of FOMO comes JOMO: The Joy of having missed out. No guilt in this schadenfreude. I hope the cryptobros lose everything

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Good Morning, Everyone!

Today's retro pick is the "PET 64" also known as "Educator 64-1" or "CBM 64".

It's basically a Commodore 64 in a PET case.

Rumor has it that the NY state education department demanded a more heavy, solid case for the educational Commodore 64s used in schools as these seemed to "disappear" due to their compact size and light weight. Also, by recycling PET cases, Commodore could present an educational version of the C64 at almost neutral cost.

The Kernal has been modified to display a monochrome, black and white screen as well as displaying all sprites in the color black. This can temporarily be undone by using the following Poke:


Otherwise the mainboard used is an ASSY 326298, Revision A

Later models of this system used a color monitor but production ceased in spring 1983.

This is my retrotastic that I use every day. GMMK TKL modular, with Kailh box whites and a lush set of caps from KDBfans. I have daily driven a fair few combinations the last five years, but this is my favorite so far.
Deep spherical PGA profile caps and crisp click from the switches. I have never been more accurate and the typing experience is just fun.
I think I'll try maybe the Kailh Jade switches, the whites are very light and they work really well, but a bit heavier might be good. At least for some of the keys.

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@jonn_blanchard In Belgium we typically eat them with a tuna salade. You should try it

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Good morning. Time to share another machine from my collection. (Don't worry, my collection is kinda small so this won't last forever)

This ZX Spectrum +2 was sent to me by the awesome @GedgeHead including a genuine Sinclair joystick and the lightgun. I've made a few mods to clean up the video on it and it's my main Speccy I use for gaming and demos. The power supply shown here is just an empty case into which I put a modern switch-mode 110v US power supply - as well as a power switch like any civilized computer 😛😛🤣

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Goooood morning everyone. It's Monday - booo. But it's time to post a new image - yay!

Behold, my "Pumpkin Spice" Commodore 128. I've never seen a machine so yellowed but in otherwise beautiful condition. Apparently it got like this just sitting in its original box (which I have).

White towel to set the white-balance on the first one.

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Why did you end up coming to Mastodon? Pls boost so we can get some good data 🙌

Ah a last tip - it's normal for the beans to give off a fairly thick smoke when going for a dark roast, don't panic when this happens. Use ventilation and open a window, I'm not joking. The smoke can also be used as an indicator for when you think they're done.

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Oh and DO NOT use the convection fan, if your oven has one. It sounds like a great idea, but the beans have a very thin skin that comes off during roasting, and those will just fly around in the oven and clog everything up. The skin has no taste, is not harmful and does not have to be removed before grinding

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After roasting, the beans have to rest for 24-48 hours as they give off some unpleasent gasses. Putting them in ziplock bag with a valve is the right way to store them, you can probably get those the same place you buy your green beans.

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You need an oven, a baking tray and some green coffee beans.
Heat the oven to 225C. Make sure it's good and evenly heated, I use an IR thermometer and check the sides etc.
Spread about 200 grams of beans in an even layer on the baking tray.
Put the tray in the middle of the oven for ... well, this is where it can get a little tricky. With my oven I aim for about 12 to 13 minutes. But you have to use your senses, eyes and nose, and it may take a little practice to find your own perfect roast. When the surface of the beans start to get oily, you have a pretty dark roast. I rarely go further. Just experiment, that's the fun part, and you get to drink of a lot of great coffee.

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About a year ago I started home roasting coffee as a fun little learning project.
The result is - obviously - amazing after you get the basics down. You can experiment with different roasts and blends, it's a lot of fun if you love coffee.
Economics wise it's also great - for the price of a good supermarket roast, you get an excellent, top shelf freshly roasted coffee.
But yesterday I went to the supermarket and with the prices now? The home roasted coffee is about the same as your *regular* supermarket roast.

Roasting coffee is not hard at all, but it can be tricky to get consistent results.

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Still the best thing I've ever 3D printed. This is in my washroom.

I'm sorry I missed your birthday I hope to make it up to you soon

This was my wife's growing up. It needed new decals and a polish, but now it's just lovely. It feels like maybe there should be something at the end of the joysticks to hide the screws, but I haven't looked into it.
These things are LOUD. Apparently it's quite common to add a volume potentiometer, and also DB-9 sockets because the sticks are really quite horrible

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So, good morning everyone!

Let me start the day with an appropriate song - retro and up to recent events ...

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