I was today years old when I first tried the 'kitty' terminal emulator.

I don't think I'll be using anything else from now on. It's awesome.

I honestly don't know whether to laugh or cry. Whichever, this definitely made me wince.

Found on /r/arduino.

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A gentleman over on the comment section of Youtube reminded me that SCART, a French acronym (Syndicat des Constructeurs d'Appareils Radiorécepteurs et Téléviseurs), is called Péritel in France and SCART literally everywhere else 😄​

Oh dear, random recruitment person who sent me this on .

While the second paragraph of this role is right up my street, you really couldn't have done anything more to put me off this company than what you wrote in the first paragraph.

What on earth is up with "brew" on Macs?

At work I have a 12 core Macbook with 16GB RAM, yet "brew install awscli" takes it three times longer than "apt-get install awscli" does on a Raspberry Pi model 3 with 512KB!

The world of the USA was very different from that of the UK, especially in the first half of the decade. Even though I don't believe I've ever heard of games before, it seems they brought out the world's first ever video game to feature a female lead character: a game called Wabbit.

Possibly even more unusual (definitely unusual for the time) it was written by a female computer programmer. This is an interesting article that managed to track her down and interview her, 40-odd years later. gamehistory.org/wabbit/

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RT @HereBeDragons3
Doing a bit of research ahead of the 1982 Retrofest at @computermuseum next weekend and found this benchmark table in PCW - what a fantastic breadth of machines were available by the end of 1982! (and don't forget to come - it'll be awesome and supports the wonderful museum too)

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The Home Computer Course.

A TV ad from 1984 featuring a Speccy - don't get left behind!

Oh , who on earth told you this was a good idea?

To be clear this means that

os.path.join("foo/", "bar", "/wibble")

simply returns "/wibble"

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apple, covid, remore work 

I hope more high-profile folks leave Apple over this.

I also doubly look forward to the Apple apologists saying that these folks weren't true Apple employees if they don't prioritize the will of the company.

(Looking at you, John Gruber).


Oh dear, I've just had one of those Great Ideas for a project which has sent me running off to ebay. This sort of thing never ends well (for my wallet, at least).

We've been spending this bank holiday monday out and about in the midlands. We ended up this afternoon in Ashby-de-la-Zouch, a town I've never been to before but which would have been a place of pilgrimage for me as a teenager as it was the origin of some of the greatest games ever created.

Hello, world. Another day, another Mastodon account! This one will be for following (and occasional tooting) about ZX Spectrums, BBC Micros, other 8-bit retro machines and possibly the occasional wander off into the world of Pis and Arduinos.

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