In light of recent contra-versy…

If you're trans and you indistinguishable from your gender identity, you are valid.

If you're trans and you're anywhere on the spectrum between almost passing and has-yet-to-start passing, you are valid.

If you're trans and you physically cannot start transitioning because of where you live and the climate therein, you are valid.

If you're trans, you're valid - not a pox on the LGBT movement. End of line.

Feeling slightly nauseous, maybe my blood sugar is low?

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Whoever keeps on setting off the fire alarm in this dorm REALLY likes the key of C at obscene volumes and ungodly times. 4th or 5th time this week, geez.

if you're dual posting to twitter and masto that is great just be careful you don't end up like Persephone with the pomegranate seeds and the having to return to hades 3 months out of the year

That sound CRTs make when you press the degausse button boost if u agree

Kindness and queerness can't wait until after the revolution. There's no revolution without them.

Today's fun fact: Forests are inherently socialist. Seriously.

In a forest, most plants are linked together by an underground network of mycorrhizal fungi. Via the fungi, the plants share resources around so that they can all benefit. Wha's more, the plants contribute more or less depending on how much they have. Plants with more resources contribute more to their community, helping to nurture the small, young, and weak ones.

This is one of my favourite random pieces of knowledge!


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Is there anywhere that has a column or something devoted to reviewing cheap tech, whether it be electronics or PC peripherals or whatever? There's so much out there and it's always utter shite or almost as good as a brand name ten times dearer.

Like, we've bought two sub-ten quid mice recently. One was utterly worthless, the other one works great, is pleasantly weighty and while the plastic feels cheaper than my Steelseries, it's not £44 cheaper, which is the approx price difference.

This is a subtoot, because I can’t reply to the original toot without getting a headache, but it also works as a PSA:

Do not post blinking gifs without marking them as sensitive media and hiding them behind a suitable CW (e.g. “stroboscopic”, “blinking lights” or “seizure warning”).

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Here she is when we first got her - she was rescued from someone who overfed her so she was v. chubby. But it was her birthday so we gave her a single cheez-it with the vet's permission.

@cypnk this is what I call the Internet of Outrage™ and it concerns me _a lot_. Not because of the recent events involving wilw and, but because this attitude can be easily weaponized against us: if all it takes to throw a wrench in a community is a liberal/ancap/alt-righter to impersonate a leftist long enough to get some visibllity and then say something controversial over which people will fight relentlessly, then we are _extremely_ vulnerable and we need to act on it FAST.

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