"Procastinators[...]can sit in front of a blank word document, doing nothing else, and torture themselves
[We need to talk about]how depression is interpreted as laziness, how mood swings are framed as manipulative, how people with“severe” mental illnesses are assumed incompetent or dangerous
[...]People do not choose to fail or disappoint. No one wants to feel incapable, apathetic, or ineffective. If you look at a person’s action (or inaction) and see only laziness, you are missing key details"

Source: humanparts.medium.com/laziness

"Les gens qui procrastinent peuvent rester des heures en face d'une page vide, ne faire rien d'autre et se torturer avec ça.
Nous devons parler de la façon dont la dépression est interprétée comme de la paresse, les changements d'humeur comme des procédés de manipulation, de comment les personnes avec des maladies mentales "sévères" sont vues comme incompétentes ou dangereuses."

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You can't make this up: The Washington Post, which is owned by mega-oligarch Jeff Bezos (who has $130 BILLION in wealth) published an oped calling for elites to have an even "bigger say in choosing the president"

They already control basically everything!

I've signed onto the GNU Social Contract version 1.0:

I think it's very clear, simple, friendly.

(GNU Social Contract not to be confused with GNU Social.)

Wanna do the opposite of call for my death: help me have the means to live?

I'm losing my dayjob to employer nepotism, and would like to transition to writing and acting out more often against the kyriarchy (whiteness, imperialism, the West)

To do that I need donations from folk, preferably folk who are privileged by that kyriarchy. In exchange, you get me working full time against it, as best I know how.


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Text of an email I sent to the FSF in response to their request for comment on future engagement with the GNU project:


fsf-gnu relationship 


Financial Help Request 

It’s finally the weekend! Time to catch up on life while it’s not looking 👀

If you like this thread, consider tipping the admins at eldritch.cafe and playvicious.social because I wouldn't feel so supported to be loud in this space without them.

Rock and punk and metal were created to make space for people who were pushed out of the "mainstream," the weirdos and the freaks and the confused and the ostracized (aka it was created by black people to express themselves as a people isolated socially).

You can't reproduce the outside world in an inside system and maintain its integrity.

Thus, ban cops.

I posted a music thing.
Also, curse Apple for not having MIDI export support

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