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Trippy Dream stuff 

God I'm so tired today. My dumbass started laundry too late last night and I had to sit and wait for my bedsheets in the dryer at like midnight.

I somehow managed to get up for work only a couple hours late. Thank god for coffee.

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Facts about Hatsune Miku:
- Sings
- Cute
- Created Minecraft
- Created GNU and Emacs

She's quite a success these days!

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❤️​ Daily reminder that everyone is cute ❤️​

But also tempting to eat away at next paycheck is some mini painting. I went out and bought some new Citadel paints and I'm gonna try painting up some figures for a cyberpunk tabletop campaign. Its been a while so I fully expect to suck at it.

Next paycheck I really need to replace the CMOS battery on my original Xbox. Thing has been dead for a quite a while and its only gonna be a matter of time till it starts leaking and eating away at the board.

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Things the party does that drives the Cleric to become alcoholic: when the Paladin becomes a kleptomaniac but only for obviously evil items.

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capitalism is when you cuck the means of production

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I miss it when boomers were an enemy type in Left For Dead

Party: does 110 points of damage in one combat round.
DM: the monster looks a bit hurt.

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