When 2020 is getting you down, just remember that nearly a century ago, Australia declared war on Emus, and the Emus won.

Feeling the "I need to ditch facebook" thing again today:


Need to persuade more of my friends to try alternatives. <sigh>

Oh yeah just incase I know anyone who's geeky enough to be on here and /doesn't/ already know about it:


Hmm, not used this thing for a while. <fx: sets up apps and goes to find more people to follow>

I feel seen

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As pride month comes to an end, I made a little something this morning for my trans siblings who are also into electronics. 💜⚡️

🐦🔗: twitter.com/selfawaresoup/stat

Today’s Molly is brought to you by the words “Very High Pollen Count” <fx: waits for the antihistamines to kick in>.

It is finally starting to look light when I get the bus for work in the morning.

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.@NSAGov@twitter.com, the webcam covers you're giving out have an interesting defect: the purple ones are transparent. 🤔

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