last day to submit to this charity bundle if you're interested!!! 100% of proceeds will go to katelynn's closet, a charity in my hometown that provides clothing for disadvantaged kids. thank you so much for all the support so far! any content on itch dot io, #ttrpg or otherwise, is more than welcome—we've got a couple books and a pc game in there too!!!

"The beautiful city of Rome is great to visit year-round because you get to see all four seasons. Winter, spring, summer, fall-oh, no!"

People compare countries to homes, and acting like opening up borders is the same thing as people invading your house.

Countries are nothing more than institutions with a lot of complexities, they're not the same thing as privately owned houses.

two are better than three (two legs better than man
with staff
in old age).

OK, there might be someone else on my follow list who didn't know this:

All those YAS QUEEN jokes and memes originally stem from 80s drag "Ball" culture.

Is that freaking awesome or what?

Gotta celebrate the little bits of beauty you unearth in the world. WAY too easy to get lost in the ugly :)

online stores, tools, and arbitrary limitations /j 

I dislike when online stores assign max limitations (usually at 99 or 100) to how many items you can have in both your shopping cart + wish-list. I have over 60 tabs open atm, consisting purely of tools which I can't add to the aforementioned cart and list.

My cart is full, yet the tools call out to me. At this point, I have a spreadsheet serving as wish-list on-the-side. This is a never-ending cycle.

・ *゚
  ・ ゚*
°*. ゚
Every password manager should
have a password generator
。。 ・
。 ・゚

I may re-do this as I'm not super enthused by the Vengeance, we'll see. Anyway, if you like it, feel free to use it. #calligraphy

#2673 Cursed mRNA Cocktail 

Serve one each to guests whose last cursed cocktail was more than 2 months ago.

Grant's Pass, Oregon from a PDX-SFO flight, and view approximated in Google Earth.

what if we kissed in the queue to see the queen's coffin

They arrived today! What a pleasant surprise :) I got 'em cheap, because I wasn't sure whether my group would even like to play. If they like the games, then I'll probably invest more into pretty dice :]

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Is there an alternative to Flash Player and Ruffle, which is capable of running .exe files \(oAo\)?

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So, TIL that .swf is also known as Small Web Format/Shockwave Flash (and also that it's pronounced "swiff"(?))

Went to to get Flash Player and see whether it'll work, so stay tuned.

Does anyone know how to use Ruffle with a non .swf file? I've got a game that requires Flash Player, but it's not in .swf format. I usually use Ruffle as a browser extension anyways; never tried it with individual files before.

Or would I have to decompile the .exe game file to .swf? I think I'll try that out as well, but I'm worried about some bits getting lost during the conversion.

I didn't sleep very well, and I'm running on adrenaline right now. Hoping it lasts long enough 'til I have time to take my daily nap.

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