Technically, I am this person’s granddad. Say hello to Eamonn

Can anyone tell me what this is? Bought in Canada possibly in the 1960s. I tried posting on Reddit but my posts were removed because Reddit is full of horrible Lampard-type people.

I found this among some old drawing I did in the 80s. Any favourite games on this list?

I’m watching Star Trek : Strange New Worlds. Finally something that feels more like Star Trek than the other dross that’s been out recently.

Drawn in 1986. Two years later I’d be working at Ocean Software on a Daley Thompson game.

I did a nice bit of pulled pork for dinner the other night.

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I shaved my hair off on 20th Nov 2021 to raise money for Macmillan, and I've taken a photo most days to get a timelapse of it growing out- this is it so far!

The new Downton Abbey movie looks like it might be similar to ‘Holiday On The Buses’

I’ve been watching snooker all day, sorry/not sorry

Realised yesterday that there are two lots of DLC for The Outer Worlds so here I am playing through from the beginning, for the third time.

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