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Gancio is a free open source Fediverse event planning system, aimed at communities wanting to organise their own events instead of using Facebook or Google.

You can interact with Gancio events from Mastodon etc through ActivityPub, and it also supports RSS.

The Gancio website is at and the project's official Fediverse account is at @gancio

The software's code is at

#Gancio #Fediverse #Events #ActivityPub

Classic Gaming Arena. An easy to use server - client solution to play multiplayer DOS games online using DOSBox's IPX emulation.

I write about growing up through the PC and Internet revolution in rural America here: I talk about the difficulties of everything being long distance, #BBS, #UUCP, #PPP, escaping #Microsoft, #DOS, #Linux, #OS2, and Theo de Raadt. Thank you @kensanata and @szczezuja for prompting me to do this. I realize I may have written, uh, SLIGHTLY more than you were looking for 🙂

Playing at an arcade is harder than playing on your own machine, but I'm still happy with my score.

😎 Of course Doom made the list this week and more geekery - This Geek in Review for 2022-08-26 -

🕹 The birth of the arcade fighter genre, songs crashing hard drives, and more spying from Meta - This Geek in Review for 2022-08-19 -

What is the purpose of 'Keep me logged in' when the site still logs you out after 30-60 minutes?

Your password must contain at least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, one forgotten rune, and one unspeakable horror

Along with the Gateway tower, I was also given these 4 machines. I can't wait to see what they can do!

📱 My phone is always on silent, putting Macs out to pasture, and more - This Geek in Review for 2022-07-08 -

Does anyone else have a movie that they rage watch? That is, a movie you’re screaming at the whole time because of stupid things that take place in it?

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