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I like the drivers who lean into the curve as they turn at 20 mph.

Aaron Reed's "50 Years Of Text Games" book Kickstarter is now up and has already raised >$60K.

If you're at all interested in interactive fiction, check it out:

I followed his newsletter, which is what the book is based on, and which was really well-written and informative. You can still read the archives here:

I'm streaming in 20 minutes, What am I streaming tonight? I have no idea... Let me know if there is something you want to see.

I learned BASIC on a Color Computer 1. However, I don’t have one anymore so let me share the CoCo2.

Can these be retrobrighted?

Okay. I need a distraction from the dark reality we live in.

Pixel-Artists/Animators w/ game experience: shoot me examples of your work. I have a couple game ideas I wanna kick around.

Id like to put together a list of folks who I can work w/ on a paid basis one day.


Let's celebrate by playing games off of floppy on my Atari 800! 7:30PM EDT (in an hour).

I wanted an Atari 400 sooo badly in ‘81 or ‘82. How could I not, this is a good looking machine!

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