@48kRAM @cmherndon79 We switched to a Wico Boss pretty quickly. I should take a picture of it!

@derek @Chess Totally unrelated serendipity, this was playing when I saw this toot.

I know this adds nothing to conversation, it just strikes me as funny. 🀣

@chronrevisited Sounds like bad parenting. 🀣

I'm shocked he hadn't heard about Atari though!!

@kao @Xucaen Into Darkness is the movie I love to rage watch, just to yell at the TV on the stupid things that happen. 🀣

@77slevin Cool! I'll have to see if my PBG4 has Radeon graphics.

@77slevin Does the wifi work and is there an ssh client? I'd love to try this on my 12" G4.

@A8bit @48kRAM I wonder if the keyboard on the Alphasmart Dana is better than the Neo.

I'm excited to see the Model 100 finished product! Here's some motivation: reddit.com/r/cyberDeck/comment

(Actually, the whole CyberDeck subreddit it pretty good.)

@48kRAM @A8bit @confusedbunny And I had a thought this morning on the Alphasmarts. You can plug them into your smartphone and upload written documents or use them as a keyboard.

@steve Ugh, I'm only on episode 3 of Picard, but am already tired of the plot. Isn't this the third time for Picard to have his "It's a Wonderful Life" moment?

Of course, I'm going to soldier on because it wouldn't be right to complain on the internet if I haven't watched it all! πŸ˜‰

@reidrac @Datassette_User The main plot devices of the first two episodes are good, but they're trying to introduce too much of a large cast too quickly.

I don't like the transporter shenanigans, it feels like the writers have watched too much TNG and later and not enough TOS.

And, let's face it, the real star of the show is Anson Mount's hair.

@A8bit @confusedbunny @48kRAM I'm assuming that's why all of the Freewrite talk is gone? 😞

🎢 No more iPod, freaky retro game prices, searching the internet, and more in This Geek in Review for 2022-05-13


@meandeef It is on the small size, but that makes it easier to hide at work!

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