📱 My phone is always on silent, putting Macs out to pasture, and more - This Geek in Review for 2022-07-08 - gozgeek.com/posts/2022/this-ge

Does anyone else have a movie that they rage watch? That is, a movie you’re screaming at the whole time because of stupid things that take place in it?

IPv6 (please boost when you vote)

👨‍💻 Browser ad blocking, the Facebook Portal, and more - This Geek in Review for 2022-06-17 - gozgeek.com/posts/2022/this-ge

I spotted this absolutely gorgeous beast while I was out shopping this past week.

This font screams late 70s/early 80s! I love it!

(Current pic from 2022)

Last night I got A little 8-bit computer Donkey Kong action in before Jurassic World Dominion started!

🎹 RIP Dave Smith, here comes Beavis & Butt-Head, and celebrating The Wrath of Khan - This Geek in Review for 2022-06-10 - gozgeek.com/posts/2022/dave-sm

From the highest grossing movies of each year of the 80s, only two don't have a sequel.

Which one should get a sequel, E.T. or Rain Man and why?

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