Got this in a bundle of stuff. Looks to be a photocopy. If anyone can home it, it’s free,just cover shipping. I’m based in UK.

Someone may have got to this Vectrex before me, or this is factory. Yoke wires directly soldered to the PCB. I’m assuming 2.54mm pitch and looking to get a connector. Can I find it ..... nooooo. Simple male/female would be great then I can crimp away. Failing that I’ll just get a PC molex extender, cut it and wire the ends to the yoke and PCB. But I like the colours to remain.

Any vecrex love in the room? Trying to bring this one back from the brink. No sound of gameplay. No white dot. Seem to have the right voltages. Trying a recap and a reflow of some dodgy looking areas. Any tips gents ?

Ladies and gentlemen. Appreciation for my latest delivery. I thank you. Thank you. Too kind. You shouldn’t have.

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