In 2002-ish, I stumbled upon . He's a one-man trip hop, big beat, chillwave kind of guy, sampled heavily from old sci-fi and horror films. He actually used be active in the old demoscene/tracker scene (S3M, XM).

He quickly became my favourite musician. Since then, I go through periods where I'll be obsessed with him for a while, then forget about him for a few years, then come back and see what's new, and the cycle repeats. I always come back to him as my #1 love in music.

What's strange about him is that, near as can tell, neither his popularity nor his productivity nor his style have ever fluctuated. Every year or two, like a robot (he would take this as a compliment), he releases a new album, exactly the same quality as the others. I love him.

Anyway I've obviously just came back to him. If you're curious, here's a song from an album he released 2 years ago that I'm joyously just discovering today:

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