One of the most frustrating things about using enterprise software is the Rube Goldberg-esque contortions they go through to give you something which is effectively a filesystem, but without the flexibility or convenience of a file system.

I have a "locker" with "repositories" within which reside "documents". And I can "link" to those documents from other "activities". But only SOME "activities". Other "activities" have no access to my "locker" (or only some special "repositories") and have "documents" "attached", which are then invisible to other "documents".

Everything is super inconsistent and I can imagine in my head all the meetings that went into each feature.

"Client X wants to access the same document from activities A and B. Can you code ninjas make some sort of 'locker'?"

"What about activities C and D?"

"Client X doesn't need those."

How many man-hours could be saved if we just taught people what a filesystem is?

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