Anybody here watch or interested in hearing about them?

The wife and I just finished 타이는 지옥이다 ("Strangers From Hell"). It's a short (10-episode) drama, based on a webtoon, which my wife had read (and, annoyingly, kept telling me about all the things that made the original webtoon better than the show). It's about a guy who moves into a super-cheap 고시원 (tiny single-room dorm-style apartment) and the other people there are murderers.

Many good performances by the actors. If you like creepy people, it's worth watching just for the great acting.

The writing, though...I do kind of wish they'd been more faithful to the original story. The way the show turned out, the last couple episodes are filled with "What the heck is he doing? That makes no sense" decisions to push the plot to the end.

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