I did it! I went through ALL of my receipts (going back to August) and put them into . Well on my way to being financially knowledgable again (just need to reconcile my bank statements and credit card statements).

3 years ago I would have had a panic attack if you took away my GnuCash. Then I went to Korea and gave up tracking finances after a couple months living there. Now that I'm back in Canada, back on the accounting wagon, and have realized how completely terrible GnuCash is, things are starting to feel right again.

@GeoffWozniak In terms of receipts, a baby counts for like 4 people, I'm pretty sure.

Also I hate that I have to get paper receipts since the only paperless receipts these days seem to be giving them your email address. It seems like this would be a wonderful use of (anonymous) NFC.

@ethicsperoxide Indeed.

When a place asks for an email for reciepts I use an alias that will get to me, but if used elsewhere I'll know where it got out, usually $company@$personal_domain. I bought a Belkin battery thing at one point and used belkin@$personal_domain for the address and the clerk exclaimed, "Oh, you work for Belkin?"

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