Remember when Amazon first launched and started putting bookstores out of business? People would look at books at a physical bookstore and then choose to buy the book through Amazon instead.

I realized I've started kind of doing the opposite. I check out reviews on Amazon and then I buy the product either directly from the manufacturer or from a more ethical retail site (shout out to London Drugs if you're Canadian).

How's it feel, Amazon?

@ethicsperoxide Haha, yeah, I've been doing the same. Unfortunately a lot of online retail fronts of local shops will just redirect to Amazon again. If you can, go to an actual physical shop. It may be more expensive, but you don't have to wait for shipping and pay extra for that.

In fact local stores often beat Amazon's retail price+shipping cost.

@qcat Normally I would. Now is not a good time to be going tti physical stores, though haha.

Same here. Also, a lot or times the manufacturer itself has an equal or lower price or a sale that makes it cheaper.

Theory: Amazon has slowly convinced everyone that everything is cheaper and easier on amazon then quietly raised the prices on many things now that so many people don't even look anywhere else for things they buy.

@kelbot A lot of companies don't put their entire catalogue on Amazon, too, so you can get more options buying from them directly.

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