Success! Assembling assembly and running machine code under is not as bad as I thought. I just misunderstood the EDIT commands before. For posterity's sake (and for the sake of anyone who wants to try it for themselves), log in to @SDF 's TSS8 machine, and:

1. "R EDIT" to run the text editor. Leave "INPUT" blank and select an output filename. Enter "A" (for append mode). Type your assembly source (see Wikipedia's PDP-8 page for an example). Hit Ctrl-C to exit edit mode. Enter "P" (to "proceed" with saving). Enter "T" (to "terminate" and close the output file). You should end up back at the TSS8 monitor prompt.
2. "R PALD" and choose your input file and a new filename for an output file. Leave "OPTION" blank.
3. "R LOADER" and choose the output file from step 2. This will load your machine code into memory.
4. "START 0200" (or whatever your program's entry point was)

Now to start playing around with the instruction set!

@ethicsperoxide thank you for this. we were just about to issue an esoteric LISP challenge .. is it LISP 1.5? sort of ...

@ethicsperoxide @SDF I could run a simple BASIC program on it. Not too much, but better than nothing! I will try your thing.
Also, there is a java frontpanel for a emulated PDP8E/I with blinkinglights!

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