Probably the most infuriating thing about Korean English is its use of abbreviations and initialisms without explanation. I just got an email advertising an "IE seminar". "We have a really exciting IE seminar". "This Zoom link is for this week's IE seminar".

And in my experience, if you ask a stupid question like "What is IE?", Koreans will give you this confused look and say "Same as in English" and then you have to ask them to say it in Korean. They have this really bizarre notion of what words English-speakers actually use.

Anyway, after reading through the Korean version of the email, I have deduced that "IE" is "Industrial Engineering".

My performance in chess puzzles, as taken from The part shaded in pink is when I had a cold (the point at which I "no longer have a cold" is not really a sharp line, so I made it kind of fade out).

I thought it was cool that I can visually see the effects of a cold on my ability to think.

Just used Zoom for what I expect (hope) will be the last time ever.

It just occurred to me that adults use "Did you miss your nap today?" with young kids in exactly the same way that men used to use "Is it that time of the month?" with women. It must so annoying to be a little kid and be like "Okay I DID actually miss my nap today, but that's not why I'm crying! I'm upset for a very legitimate reason!"

It's very easy to learn! It only takes a few hours to get the basics of reading, writing, pronounciation.

Memorizing the ORDER, though, is evidentally a several years-long task (for me).

So like 95% of my students are Korean. And, as students are wont to do, they often send me emails without telling me their student number, so I have to look them up on the class list using only their name.

You'd think after 3 semester of this, I'd have fully memorized the Korean alphabet, but no. I know ㄱㄴㄷ are at the beginning (all the "Kim"s are at the top). I know ㅎ is at the end (that's where all the "Hong"s and "Han"s are). I know ㅇ is somewhere in the middle (that's all the "Lee"s, "Lim"s and "Ahn"s). But for every other letter, I'm still lost on where it goes in the alphabet.

I think the problem is there's no Korean alphabet song, or at least none that I'm aware of. An alphabet song makes everything easier.

Student: My math exam conflicts with this class's exam.
Me: Hmm, that's weird. That's not what the exam schedule says. Let me check with your professor. What's your math professor's name?
Student: Kim Jong Un

I emailed him and it's true. The math professor's name coincidentally IS exactly the same as the North Korean dictator's. One of the unexpected joys of working at a Korean university.

AND the student was right: the exam schedule is wrong :(

I have a social media (well really just Mastodon, as that's the extent of my social media use) cycle.

10 I'm spending too much time on Mastodon. It's not really a good or productive use of my time.
20 Stop using Mastodon for a few weeks.
30 Have something to say that my wife and friends would not appreciate
40 Make a post to Mastodon
50 Read my feed
60 Realize that everybody on my feed is quite funny and interesting
70 Get into the daily habit of reading all the interesting stuff everyone is doing
80 GOTO 10

I feel like there should be a happy medium somehow. Maybe only read a few posts a day? But which ones? I am not sophisticated enough for this social media stuff.

Kiddo 1.0's favourite song these days. It strikes me as a song to transition kids into , like "baby's first kpop".

The "You're my boy" slays me every time. It's such a perfectly nonsensical kpop thing to throw in there.

The song's called "I don't like cucumber" and it's about a cat who keeps finding cucumber in things he wants to eat. The wife and I are having discussions about whether this is a bad influence (all of their other vegetable-related songs are pro-vegetable), but so far the kids are still eating cucumber, in spite of the song's catchiness.

Of all the things Rust gave us, I feel like the ability to nest /* ... */ comments does not get enough press. It's just...kind of nice.

So my recent interest in chess has turned into advocacy for Fischer Random Chess (Chess960), which, in turn, has led me to wonder if it's possible to initialize a Fischer Random Chess board fairly with only a d6 (or a coin) in a GUARNTEED FINITE number of rolls/flips.

Simulating a d4 with a d6 can be done with a maximum 2 rolls (or 2 flips, with a coin).

The problem is, to initialize a Fischer Random Chess board, you need a d5 (or d10) at some point. The obvious way to simulate a d5 with a d6 is via rejection sampling: simply reroll if you get a 6. But this is not guaranteed to finish in finite rolls.

I don't believe it's possible to simulate a d5 in finite rolls with a d6. I can do a d2, d3, d4, d6, d8, d9, ..., basically any n which is composed of powers of only 2 and 3. But d5 just can't be done.

I just started learning chess a few days ago. It's pretty fun.

Here's the annoying thing about playing human players: you never get to practice your end game. Like almost never. One of you almost always resigns (sounds classier than ragequits) in the middle of the game.

So I have like zero end game, because I've never practiced it. I literally just played a game where I had a bishop, a queen, and a king, and I couldn't mate this guy who only had his king left. I accidentally stalemated him by cornering him (so that he had no legal moves) without keeping him in check. there anything more embarrassing than that....

I guess you just really have to grind it out with computer opponents if you want to work on your end game.

I dropped my phone in the water the other day. It's now been a full 48 hours without a phone. Probably the nicest 48 hours I've had in recent memory.

In kpop news, I just discovered Itzy. Only 3 years after they debuted. I have no time these days for kpop, so sad. Or movies. or TV.... Maybe when the kids are older I can get back into it.

Anyway, Itzy is fire.

I swear half the time I spend writing Haskell is just going back and forth on whether $ or ( ) is more readable in a particular expression.

Today Kiddo told me all the things she's going to do when she's "as big as Mom and Dad":
- drive
- set up the TV (plug in the laptop that has Kodi on it) for TV time
- clean the table
- put spicy sauce on her food

Pretty decent list, really.

If we renamed Monday to Funday, the first letters of the days of the week would make a palindrome

It was a multipart zip containing a web page of the QR code. But because the web page has so much JS library bloat, you needed 73 floppies.

Anyway, I slipped and dropped my stack floppies. The last half of the dream was me trying to pick up all the floppies and get them in the right order, while everyone looked at me and wondered why I didn't just install the app.

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I had a dream last night that nicely sums up my feelings on the technological march of progress these days.

I was flying somewhere. Ostensibly to help the environment, they did not do paper boarding passes anymore. You had 2 optima.

1 was installing an Android/iOS app that showed you ads and stole your personal information.

2, for those without a smartphone or who didn't accept the privacy policy, was to have your boarding pass on floppies.

Sometimes talking with Kiddo feels like talking to an Eliza bot.

Kiddo: What's this picture?
Me: That's our wedding. That's when Mom and I were married.
Kiddo: Where Mom?
Me: Right there.
Kiddo: Where am I?
Me: You're not in this picture because you weren't born yet.
Kiddo: Hmm. Maybe tomorrow.

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