I've mentioned this a few times but never publicly announced it, so consider this the announcement.

Yes, I have ported #Wayland (along with a few Weston clients and wl-clipboard) to the #Hurd (that's what I wrote the epoll server for!)

I've also ported Owl, my Cocoa Wayland compositor, from OS X to the Hurd using GNUstep.

Here's a screenshot of weston-terminal and weston-flower, running on Owl on GNUstep on Hurd, with X forwarded from a QEMU VM via SSH.

I sing songs to Kiddo a few times a day, but she's very picky. She gets bored of songs easily and always wants fresh ones. This is a problem since I've already run through my entire repertoire and have to research lyrics for new songs to sing.

Sometimes she'll get bored if a song for a bit and then, after not hearing it for a few weeks, like it again.

There are only 2 songs so far that she's never got bored of: O Canada, and Has Anybody Seen My Gal?

Have you ever thought “Gee I wonder if you took #OpenStreetMap data, and coloured the image based on the distance to the nearest building?”

No? What kind of person _are_ you? 😛
(red=0→1km, orange=1→2km, yellow=2→5km,green=5→50km, blue=>50km)

You think all DOS games look terrible? Screenshot of Flight Unlimited (1995) left and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 right. (image via Reddit).


We're fortunate that Kiddo has always eaten pretty well. We're do struggle with variety, though. Our job is to feed her a wide variety of different foods. She has taken it upon herself to examine each meal we give her to find The Best Part, and then eat only that.

Our latest battle is with juice. If it were up to her I think she would live on only juice. I get it. It's low-effort, high-calorie, and sweet.

I was always skinny as a kid, and growing up I was quite insecure about being so skinny.

By the time you get into your 40s, though, your body does not work the way it did, and starts taking a lot more work to maintain :(

Long story short, I am now in the position of trying to lose weight, for the first time in my life. I bought a scale and everything. I'm starting off simple, just cutting back on milk (I drink an ungodly amount of homo) since I already get a decent amount of exercise.

Wish me luck!

Currently visiting Whistler. In the evening it's shorts and cardigan weather.

Got some GNU info manual you want to read but you don't like the info reader? Just pipe it to less:

info grub | less

That spits out the whole manual into the less pager so you can move around like manpages.

Holy crap, google is apparently taking down all/most fediverse apps from google play on the grounds that that some servers in the fediverse engage in hate speech. At least three apps I know of anyway and I'd imagine the others will follow soon under the exact same reasoning.} Seems to be the case with Husky, Fedilab, and "subway" tooter.

this is a scary precedent if google play is going to ban any apps that can in any way be used to access content with hate speech. So what about a forum client, do they take that down just because there is a forum somewhere on the internet posting hate speech?

This is particularly worrisome because for most people Google Play is the only way they understand to install apps at all.

Picture attached of one of the notices received by fedilab.



@fedilab @tateisu #fediverse #mastoadmin #freespeech #censorship

He's an American teenager who doesn't speak Scots, and he has somehow written a huge fraction of the Scots Wikipedia. This is not an uplifting story of perseverance & hard work.


Want additional #privacy on your mobile device? Simply use the browser to connect to services, when possible, instead of apps which make tracking harder to disable.

Does this eliminate risk? No.
Does it mitigate risk? Yes.

#iOS apps with malicious code is rampant:


(URL contains trackers. Disable in browser or with EFF.org's Privacy Badger)

this is the image wikipedia decided to use as an example of a dank meme

All stackexhange sites track you with clc.trackexchange. This is blocked by uBO. Site will tell you that it misses some functionality and offers to load it from a different source. To hide this nag via uBO:

stackexchange.com##body:style(margin-top: 0px !important; padding-top: 0px !important)

(Not using the alternative source disables expanding comments, btw)

I don't know if I'll ever like anything as much as Kiddo likes pizza. For hours after eating pizza, she'll sporadically just yell out "pizza!" and giggle to herself.


Quick reminder that sourcehut is 100% free and open source software, unlike GitHub, GitLab, or BitBucket

Shoutout to other free software forges like @codeberg and Pagure, too

Kiddo's getting more confusion about language, the more sophisticated she gets.

When my wife asks for a "massage", Kiddo massages here while aggressively yelling "THANK YOU!". She keeps repeating "THANK YOU!" until my wife says "thank you", at which point she stops and walks away.

I don't think that's quite the right meaning of "thank you".

RT @nextcloud: Sorry to hear about the Mozilla layoffs – if you want to continue fixing the web, we are hiring! ♥️ #MozillaLifeboat

Fully open source and fully remote:
(If you prefer there’s also offices in Berlin and Stuttgart :)

Update on this: every Inspector Gadget remix I've found sucks.

Turns out Shuki Levy got it right the first time.

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