Ramblings about having a mixed-race kid, part 4 

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You know that saying that the definition of "insanity" is doing the same thing and expecting a different result? Isn't that also the definition of "practice"?

I had this thought watching my 3 month-old. Every day she tries to crawl, roll over, sit up, etc. Every day she fails miserably, gets frustrated and starts crying. We (adults) all know that one day she'll stumble upon success, but she doesn't know that. She just really wants to crawl, and the only thing she can do is try the same thing over and over again and hope for a better result miraculously. Is she insane? (Maybe)

Obviously sometimes the best response to failure is trying a different tack, which is what the original quotation is getting at. Sometimes, though, the best thing is to just do the same thing again, fail again, and become more practised.

Does anyone know the status of federation on #Plume?

The official account used to be federated, but now it isn't? (Or at least, I can't seem to follow it any more from Mastodon?)

Also, is there an official account to follow for Plume any more?

You know when you sleep so deeply that it takes you a few seconds after you wake up to remember what year it is and what country you live in? I had that last night and I really needed it.

fread.ink is a free as in freedom alternate operating system for electronic paper ebook readers


♲ @wilfredh@mastodon.social: I received a "thanks for your open source projects" email this week! 😀

I receive these once every year or two, and they're lovely. If you have really benefited from an open source library or tool, telling them can brighten up the author's day!

Had to unsubscribe from /r/linuxquestions. I feel bad because there are some legitimately decent people with real questions on there. The "Tell me what X to use. And don't suggest Y or Z! Everyone's been telling me to use Y or Z but I don't like them. I will NOT tell you why I don't like them, what I'm actually trying to accomplish, or what I'm actually looking for" questions were dragging on me for too long.

Forgot to renew my personal domain. Whoopsie. Had to balance a baby while frantically to log in to the registrar (forgot my password, too) to renew it. What a great way to start the morning.

In most contexts, I like to fancy myself a pretty competent coder.

When I'm working in Haskell, though, all I can imagine is the Haskell community laughing at me. "Oh my god, can you believe he's using monads and explicit recursion in his functions? He hasn't even abstracted it to G-gormands with the hyper-star biffle exclusion operator." Sometimes I feel like the average Haskell programmer has like 2 PhDs in category theory.

Still a very nice language for a lot of things, though.

Images (especially screenshots) should have metadata in them saying whether a viewer should interpolate when scaling up. Why should my QR code turn into a blurry blob when I zoom in on my phone?

폴로우중에서 누구 한국말 해요? @angristan 씨가 배우고 있는지 알아요. 또? 여기에서 한국어로 쓰기 연습하면 어때요?

If you're looking for an easy-to-use, privacy-friendly alternative to Microsoft's Skype, you might want to try Jami:


You can also follow them on here at:


It's free, open and distributed, and available for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux.

It has no servers, calls are connected directly peer-to-peer over an encrypted connection.

#Jami #Skype #Alternatives #VOIP #DeleteMicrosoft

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