So. I saw a new Peloton ad and noticed these crazy looking computer terminals. They look weird enough that I’m pretty sure they’re not real, but I wonder why they would create multiple of the same wacky computer terminal for a 5 second shot in a excercise bike commercial. Am I wrong?

From @kylepetree on twitter. Thank god my didn’t end up like this 🥺

Shit. The resister flew across the room and I still can’t find it. Was planning on taping it to the inside of the case somewhere for safe keeping, but I doubt I’ll want to downgrade to 1, 2, or 2.5 MB ever. I really need to improve my (de)soldering skills!

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Next up: Remove the four 256KB RAM SIMMs, install four 1MB SIMMs, and desolder and remove R35 to get the system to recognize the max 4MB of RAM!

My early Mac SE logic board. Looks very clean and luckily someone removed the soldered PRAM battery before it popped!

Im addicted to the America’s Test Kitchen channel on Pluto TV

Side question, anyone know of a good way to remove old dry tape adhesive residue without damaging the plastic?

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Ohhh.. nice! I just went over 100 wonderful people kind enough to hit the follow button on my profile. Hope your not too disapointed in that decision! Here is a picture of a random retro thing of mine to celebrate 100.

I just bought a Mac SE (DD floppy and 20MB HD) yesterday and bought 4MB of ram and a Blue SCSI. Any other relatively inexpensive purchases I should make?

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