politics, "working class" 

Also, as Rosa Luxemburg pointed out in 1900, worker-owned businesses are constrained by the need to compete in a market that rewards exploitation. There's a sharp limit to what they can achieve even for their own workers.

If current trends continue the internet situation within China will be the situation elsewhere before long.

That means things like ubiquitous blocking of Tor and no dynamic DNS. Any clearnet system which gets popular is either banned or taken over by the government. Self-hosting on the clearnet would become difficult or impossible. Currently there is VPN as a possible escape route, but if everything turns into China Internet then there would be nowhere to VPN to.

However, VPN linked mesh systems might still be viable.

Brutalist Web Design - A friend gave me design advice once. He said to start with left-aligned black text on a white background, and to apply styling only to solve a specific problem.


i wanna make cool long-range wireless internet networks

Imagine if Amazon was employee-owned vs it being the way it is now.

i think if i don't get a call back about any of my 5 job interviews in the next week, i will apply for retail jobs

or just easy shit

i really just wanna learn how to program/code and hack together cool hardware shit

“You must disable as blocking to continue”

I must not continue

Hmm. SO I'm looking at implementing tags and mentions in Agora. Not sure exactly how I want to do it though. I think the way that it automatically @'s everyone is kind of clumsy, but I'm not sure how far I can deviate from that and have it still work with mastodon, or how I'd do things instead. Any thoughts? :/

@dr1ft @vantablack as a poor person who owns fuckonthefirst.date i'm gonna have to disagree

who has the 2nd most followers in the fediverse after gargron?

well, i got up at midday today.

that's better than 3.30pm yesterday

i am happy with this outcome

Modem said there'd be Hayes like this, there'd be Hayes like this my modem said.


just a reminder that the anti-imperialism and free software mailing list can be signed up at here


if you're keen on chatz not on social media, and absolutely unlogged and not under surveillance, check it out!

i have been researching 2nd generation computers for over 5 years

it is only recently that i have been able to research the digital electronjcs of the IBM Standard Modular System, CDC 6600's DCTL, and the DEC R-Series DTL logic

If you are interested in building computers out of discrete transistors, this will interest you




i think i'll sit on oldbytes.space today. why not? i have the choice to use any of my instance accounts!

does anyone have any literature about how to implement a stack using digital electronics? i can probably search it on the internet, i thought it would just ask first.

i am building a discrete transistor computer that implements the 8 operations of brainfuck as its instruction set architecture.

people have already done it with TTL logic, but i wanna go further

i have all the plans for the DEC PDP-8, and will be using the DEC R-series logic


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